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Friday, 28 March 2014

NOTD: Topshop Eclipse

Alex Georgie| NOTD: Topshop Eclipse

Alex Georgie| NOTD: Topshop Eclipse

I've had this nail varnish for yonks and was a little scared it might have been discontinued. It hasn't (thank goodness) so I can share it with you all! Look at how pretty this nail varnish is in the bottle. If you say you could walk past that and not pick it up, you're lying! When I saw this, I thought it looked like when oil is spilt; that rainbow like puddle that changes in different lights. In some lights, Topshop Eclipse looks green, in others in looks more goldy and I absolutely love that!

I recently bought Seche Vite and have been having a little trouble with it. As a lot of my nail varnishes are quite thick to start with, my nail polish would just flake off in huge chunks because it just gets too thick with Seche Vite as well. I haven't been having that trouble with Eclipse though (hurrah!) as it is a thinner polish that can be built up. You could use one coat for a sheer coverage that still looks beautiful as your nails catch the light or two coats (like above) for it to be opaque.

Will you be picking this up? Have you got any favourite polishes at the minute?

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  1. I have such a similar MAC shade, but this one is much more purse friendly!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. So purse friendly and so prettttttty! haha thanks for your comment Belle!xoxo


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