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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nail Wraps


I am absolutely loving nail art at the moment and pinterest is really inspiring me to try some new things.

I tried using nail wraps, which was both a success and a disaster. If you don't know what nail wraps (or foils) are, they are a lot like patterned stickers that you can stick on the nail on their own or with a base coat. If you're a nail expert, please don't hate me for that poor description! You may want to google for a better one.

So what I did on my nails. I used first a clear base coat, then applied two coats of Miss Sporty 16, which is a darkish teal colour with the slightest of shimmers. I then applied the nail wraps diagonally across half of my nail. This worked well on some nails but not on others, hence why no photo of them. However when I have perfected it a bit more, I will definitely include one.

I found the nail wraps to be quite fiddly but I'm sure with practice I will get used to them. I would definitely recommend them because they are pretty though! Also they allow you to have gorgeous prints and designs on your nails without the expense of having your nails done or spending hours on them. I got my nail wraps for £1 from Primark!!
Check out the example picture of nail wraps below (not from Primark obviously!)


Let me know if anyone has any tips for nail wraps or any nail suggestions!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Weight Worries and Ponders

I've been catching up on series two of Embarrassing Fat Bodies and have been shocked at the extreme cases on there!

It made me think about my own weight. Now, I'm not overweight but over the summer I put on around half a stone. Since then (and coming to university) I've put on no more weight but neither have I lost any. 
One of my flat mates has recently decided that she is going to cook all her meals from scratch. Meanwhile I found myself eating Nutella straight out the jar (not the healthiest of habits!).
Despite it not risking my health, I'd like to shift it. I've always been slim and would like to keep it that way!

On my decision of this, I decided to buy a blender..because smoothies are healthy and yummy right? The blender, on first use, decided to spark at me and is under my bed awaiting its return to Sainsbury's. Blender 1, Alex 0.

My attempt at exercise is going to my uni's Netball club once a week but I've realised this is no where near enough. Hence I am going to start running with a flatmate. This is a big achievement to me seeing as I hate running for more than about 10 seconds so I'll keep you updated on that.

Also healthy eating is going to become a priority. I watch, and follow, Grace (aka Ugly Face of Beauty) on YouTube and Twitter and she has recently started healthy eating. She post pictures and talks about it, which not only helps me but has inspired me to be more conscious about what I'm eating. Right as soon as this Nutella jar is finished....
I'd love to know any healthy eating, exercise tips or people's experiences! 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hangover Sunday

It is the day after the night before and don't I know it!

After consuming the most part of a bottle of wine and playing some drinking games which I would not recommend for the faint hearted, me and my flat hit the town. In some cases, literally (I'm talking of those who fell over, you know who you are ;))

Anyway after an extremely enjoyable night, which included drunken kisses (not me) and  bad dancing (may have been me) I staggered home to be tucked into bed by an extremely caring and also drunk flat mate.

I don't usually get hangovers but today I woke up with the shakes and in the mood to do absolutely nothing. And that it what I have done for the most of the day.

A take out night was suggested and I jumped on that idea! No cooking and minimal washing up is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.

Anyway, I am going to go back to my 'nothing' now and wish the rest of you nursing hangovers a get well soon! I also hope the above isn't you or I ;)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Annoying moment

Not everyone will be able to relate to this post but its something I've recently experienced. Some may think its petty but this is how I felt at the time.

If we go back a month, I had a test for one of my modules at uni. As I'm in my first year, it was the first test I'd had to do here so I was preparing myself with hours of revision. I really wanted to do well.
When it came to it, I felt both prepared and confident, and was still confident after the test! One of the best feelings I must say!

Fast forward to now, when the result were released. I looked at my grade anxiously and when I saw it, was sooo happy. I'd done more than passed and it was a decent grade. I felt the hours had paid off.

Then I did the thing we all do but shouldn't really, I asked my friend how she did. Now as much as I love her, my friend had done minimal revision for this test and had gone in and got a better grade than me. This made me feel horrible and sad about my own grade, which was still a really good grade!

I can only recommend that we don't compare ourselves to others.  We always come off worse, I'll definitely be keeping in mind the following saying from now on. Learnt my lesson.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow- love/hate?


Everyone in the UK at the moment will know that we've had quite a heavy down fall of snow recently. Well heavy for us (10 cms or so where I am).

Me and snow definitely have a love/hate relationship going on . I absolutely love snow when I'm indoors all snuggly, preferably with a hot chocolate, and can watch from my window as it turns outdoors all white, clean and postcard perfect...

And then the next day comes. Everyone has trampled on it and its all dirty and slushy. I could go on about the cold and the wet but the most annoying thing is that it will stop me doing things! I may have one thing to do that week and we get another heavy bit of snow and suddenly buses are delayed, shops are closed etc. Not that I was moaning when it cancelled some of my uni classes haha

This year though, I couldn't resist going on a walk with some of my flat mates (who incidentally love snow, making me feel like the Grinch of the flat). I do have to admit, it did look pretty like in the picture below.

We walked in a near by park and I was blown away by how idyllic it looked. We walked for about an hour and a half and my moaning about it was kept to a minimum

I may just start to like snow after all, if only it didn't hang around for so long afterwards! Tell me what you think about it!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

New blogger!

Hey everyone!

I thought my first blog post should be a little bit about myself so here it goes...

My name is Alexandra, Alex for short. I'm 18 and am currently a law student at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

I decided to start a blog when I started getting into watching YouTube videos. I saw that many of them had blogs and I really enjoyed reading them. It seems like a fun and different hobby; to have somewhere completely yours to talk about things that interest you with other like minded people

I don't have a specific theme that I'll blog about; just anything worth talking about. However, recently I have had an interest in make up and beauty related things so maybe a bit of that? Who knows? Haha

I'd love to speak to anyone just starting a blog too, I feel like I'm in in alien territory! Or people who have had one for aaages and have some tips. Anyone really :D

Thank you for stumbling over my little piece of the blogging internet and I hope to see you again!

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