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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nail Wraps


I am absolutely loving nail art at the moment and pinterest is really inspiring me to try some new things.

I tried using nail wraps, which was both a success and a disaster. If you don't know what nail wraps (or foils) are, they are a lot like patterned stickers that you can stick on the nail on their own or with a base coat. If you're a nail expert, please don't hate me for that poor description! You may want to google for a better one.

So what I did on my nails. I used first a clear base coat, then applied two coats of Miss Sporty 16, which is a darkish teal colour with the slightest of shimmers. I then applied the nail wraps diagonally across half of my nail. This worked well on some nails but not on others, hence why no photo of them. However when I have perfected it a bit more, I will definitely include one.

I found the nail wraps to be quite fiddly but I'm sure with practice I will get used to them. I would definitely recommend them because they are pretty though! Also they allow you to have gorgeous prints and designs on your nails without the expense of having your nails done or spending hours on them. I got my nail wraps for £1 from Primark!!
Check out the example picture of nail wraps below (not from Primark obviously!)


Let me know if anyone has any tips for nail wraps or any nail suggestions!

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