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Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Day!

It could only take me five days to get together some photos from Crimbo day itself. I don't even have many pictures! I've got so many posts that I want to get together, December Favourites/ 2013 Favourites and What I Got For Christmas posts to name a couple and to be completely honest I'm in my new tartan onesie, eating chocolate and watching Pirates of the Caribbean! Need. Motivation. Now!

Anyway, here's a few photos I got from the days around Christmas. I don't even have one of the dinner (it was devoured too quickly!)

Christmas Day

Christmas day face mask anyone?

Christmas Day

Homemade Viennetta! Was better than the original, if I do say so myself! Melted quickly though :(

Christmas Day

Christmas Day

What would Christmas day be without a selfie or two?

Sorry this isn't a post laden with beautiful decorations, food and people. I thought, to make up for that fact, I'd talk about how our Christmas day goes down. I love hearing about people's different traditions (and I'm hoping you do too!) 
We get up in the morning, Santa doesn't come now that me and my sister are older (much to my disappointment) so we're allowed to open one present (of my Mum's choosing of course!) In my present was a calendar and diary, which the stationary lover in me was thrilled at. We then make dinner and have that around 2 o'clock. Once dinner is all cleared up, I usually start the never ending nibbling of chocolates and whatever else is around. If you feel the slightest bit not full on Christmas, you're not doing it right! 
After the Queen's speech, we're allowed to open the presents. I remember one year, her speech was 20 minutes long, the suspense was killing me after sitting through that! Thankfully it was only really five minutes this year, so we were spared. We then open our presents, one by one. I'm chief gift-giver-outer; a role I take particularly seriously! We'll then settle in to the cheesy Christmas TV! The best kind of TV!

Do you have any traditions for Christmas? I actually quite like our one as it makes the day a bit more exciting, instead of just a frenzy in the morning. Again, hope you had a great Christmas!

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Bourjois 3D Effet- Rouge Democratic & Christmas FOTD

I wanted this to be a 'What I Got For Christmas' post but I've still got a few presents left at home to open so I'll leave you in suspense for now...

  Bourjois 3D Effet gloss

 Bourjois 3D Effet gloss

Bourjois 3D Effet gloss 

If you caught my Bourjois haul (see HERE), this lipgloss was in the gift box I got with my purchases. It definitely is my perfect red! I've realised as much as I want to rock the red lip; a true red lipstick doesn't suit me. This is the perfect compromise. A red gloss that can be built up into an almost opaque colour. The colour is lovely and being a gloss makes it less 'serious' than a red lip.I wore this on Christmas day and it was just a dream to wear. None of the usual lipgloss stickiness (quite balmy in fact! Just as it claims) and it wore for about two hours. I have to commend it on the two hours without the amount I was eating! Believe me it was a lot! I'm still stuffed!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I've popped in a little Christmas selfie  to show you the gloss in action.


Buy here- LINK

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas-Winter Wonderland and Oxford Street

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year. This picture is from when I took a trip up to London at the weekend with a couple of friends. We went to Winter Wonderland and then took a wander down Oxford Street; where this picture was taken.  These lights made me feel so festive! I wish I could have got more pictures from the day but the weather was so miserable. Once it started to get darker though, London came alive and the lights came on. I must admit there is something magical about London at Christmas! I thoroughly enjoyed this day and it was great to see my friends from home. We're all so busy around this time that it's hard to get us all in one place!

Don't indulge in too many chocolates today (saying that I always indulge in one too many!) and have a great day!

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Bourjois Colour Boost- Plum Russian

Bourjois Colour Boost- Plum Russian

Bourjois Colour Boost- Plum Russian 

If you saw this wishlist (see post-here) and then this haul (see post- here), you will have seen that I had been a bit naughty and picked up the Bourjois Colour Boost in Plum Russian.

I had a feeling that I might love this balmy, high pigmented lip product and I was right. The picture above shows Plum Russian at its sheerest but it can be built up to a deep plum colour. The balmy texture of it means that it can be worn in the day without looking too vampy but deep enough to be worn at night. It claims to last for 10 hours but I'd say more like six with eating and drinking. What I like to do to make it last longer is to layer it over a plum lipstick. My lipstick of choice is Beauty UK lipstick in Plumalicious

I absolutely love this for a quick swipe of lip colour that isn't too high maintenance. Have you tried any Colour Boosts? I love lip crayons for easy lip colour.

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Friday, 20 December 2013

17 Hide Away Concealer Cream

17 Hideaway Concealer

17 Hideaway Concealer

Such bright pictures! In a time of the year when the sun was strong enough to get up before ten and make it through the dreary weather!

There seems to a recurring theme on the blog this week, meh products. Products that I don't dislike but won't be exactly running out to repurchase. This Hide Away Concealer from 17 is good but it's not amazing. Am I starting to expect too much from my products? I don't know, but I wasn't wowed by this. I dab this on to any blemishes I have and then stipple the product into the skin with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. It covers it well on most but on some blemishes, it sticks to the dry patches, which puts you into a circle. Trying to dry out the spot to get rid of it, not being able to cover it because it sticks to the dry patches; never ending circle! Not only that the wear time isn't amazing. Around 4 hours before the blemish starts to show through.

Sorry I've been so moany this week! I'll up my game next week! What are you doing at the weekend?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Haul| H&M, Primark, Holland & Barretts, USC

I came home for the Christmas, my mum took me shopping and this is what resulted. Too much spending and all on things I need (let's agree to disagree, right?)

Primark haul

Primark cardigan
Ooooooh my goodness! I cannot describe the softness of these snowman leggings. They are the cosiest thing I have ever felt. I thought they were a bit pricey for £10 [insert rant about Primark's prices rising here] but I just couldn't leave them in the shop. I think they'll be perfect for when I go back to my cold student house in the new year.

I saw these touch screen gloves and picked them up on a whim. I absolutely hate when I have to go on my phone (read: have to check Twitter) and my hands freeze because I have to take my gloves off. I picked up my sister a pair too and she said they don't work amazingly but for £1.50, I can forgive.

Another whim purchase of Montagne Jeunesse face masks; those little things by the checkout always catch me! I picked these on how good they sounded to eat basically (I'm looking at you mint choc chip). They're hydrating, purifying and detoxifying respectively. Separate reviews to follow!
Mint Choc Chip-£0.90
Blackcurrant Burst Peel off- £0.90
Wild Strawberry Peel off- £0.90

I have one of those fluffy cardigans (why don't they have a real name?) which is super warm when outside but I needed one that was going to be a bit less balmy when inside. This light knit cardigan is perfect and thought it would take me through to Spring when the weather is still cool.
Cardigan- £10

H&M Basics leggings 

In the mad rush of coming home, I seemed to have forgotten to pack most of the essentials. I needed some more leggings so I picked up a range. I got plain black, black with white bobbles, grey and grey stripey. Seeing as I live in leggings, I thought it'd be nice to have a variety so yeah I got four...

USC backpack

I bike to university and a backpack (as uncool as they seem) is a necessity. I had one from Primark but it has finally buckled under the weight of all my books sooo I've got this new one...
Backpack- £15.99

Holland and Barretts
Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been talking of Chai tea! I had a chai tea latte from Starbucks recently but it tasted so strongly of ginger. Since watching Estee's video, from Essie Button, I found out that these are made from syrup instead of an actual tea bag. I've had one so far and I'm not loving it, they're okay. I think I'm just not a herbal tea fan. I need something to kerb the hot chocolate addiction though! It's getting bad people!

 photo photo5_zpsc70143e9.jpg

I found out that my hometown has recently got a Savers. It looks so shiny and new! I got some translucent powder because now that it's winter I really can't get away with using my bronzing powder as an all over powder. Orange anyone? What drew me to the eyeshadow quad was the light champagne colour. Finally a deodorant necessity
(Not Savers discounts but you can get these here)
Rimmel Stay Matte powder- link
Rimmel Glam Eyes Smoky Brun- link
Sure Clear Crystal Deodorant- link

Have you been treating yourself this festive season?

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Barry M Base Coat Top Coat and Nail Hardener

barry m review 

I've been meaning to blog about this for ages but I find that when a product is meh, it doesn't really inspire much writing. I remember promising in THIS post that I would write a review and a month later, it's only just materialising. This topcoat from Barry M is good as just that... a topcoat. It's when products start making bold claims that it all goes down hill. When speaking to a beautician recently, she told me that no product can really strengthen your nails. It may do so whilst you use the product but as soon as you stop using it, they'll return to their previous condition. Essentially it's all down to genetics and good eating habits (something you don't want to hear around the Christmas period!)

I don't hate this basecoat/topcoat. It really does add a shine to the nails, however it definitely doesn't strengthen or harden the nail. I can't say I wouldn't buy this again as it does do the job I want it to, just a shame that it doesn't live up to its bold claims of a nail hardener.

Have you tried any good basecoat/ topcoats? I want to try Seche Vite.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Bourjois Haul!

After doing a bit of Christmas shopping, I decided to treat myself. Naughty, I know. I'd heard that Bourjois were giving a free gift with a purchase of £15 plus so I took advantage of that in the name of the blog! It just so happened that something from my wishlist (see post- here) magically appeared in my basket. Bonus!

bourjois haul

bourjois haul

bourjois haul 

  Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
I've been eyeing up this foundation for a while and finally bit the bullet. I wasn't really sure about the difference between this and the plain Healthy Mix (if you could help in the comments, that would be most appreciated!) but in the end Bourjois made the call for me as only the Serum was in my shade. I got Dark Bronze 58 but I think I could have actually got away with 56. As I go so pale in winter, I don't mind adding a bit more colour to my face, just got to spend a bit more time blending it into my neck!

Bourjois Colour Boost- 06 Plum Russian
I've wanted this since it came out so it was the first thing I picked up to round me up to my £15. As much as I hate winter, I never want Spring to roll around as I want to wear this forever! It's a gorgeous deep, you guessed it, plum colour but as it's a balm, it doesn't look too vampy or heavy. It suits my skin tone perfectly

In the free gift...
Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays Mascara

Bourjois Smoky Eyes- 01 Gris Dandy

Bourjois Effet 3D Gloss Volume and Shine Elixir- 06 Rouge Democratic
This seems to be my perfect red on first appearance

Bourjois So Laque!- Rouge Escarpin 24

Have you tried any of these? What's your verdict? I would ask for recommendations but my bank balance isn't allowing me too :(

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

NOTD: Christmas Glitter #2

 photo Christmasglitter2_zpsc4fa2d51.jpg

 photo Christmasglitter22_zps3143b0c5.jpg

 photo Christmasglitter24_zps1cc8e713.jpg

 photo Christmasglitter23_zpsc44a3579.jpg

Ooooh my hundreth post! Exciting times!

What could be more Christmassy than a snowy white and a glitter? Stop thinking, the answer is nothing! (Apart from maybe said nails on top of wooley apparel!)

In this nail of the day, I have layered Barry M Matt White and (appropriately) Barry M's 2012 Christmas limited edition polish in SLE 2012 (whatever that means). I bit the bullet and put the glitter on all of my nails. My hatred for removing glitter polish had me loving the accent nail trend but you just don't get the same effect as when all your nails are glittery. I couldn't give into my inner Scrooge! BE FESTIVE NAILS!
(Give me about three days and I'll be cursing that I thought this was a good idea)

I really like both these polishes. The white is opaque in two coats and not that milky consistency you get with some. The glitter is a mix of pink, blue and green hexagonal chunks in two sizes. You have to dab on the glitter to get it even but I think it turned it quite well. It lasted for about 3 days which is about average on my nails.

How festive are your nails looking? I'm searching for the Christmas true red (edit: which I may have found in a Bourjois offering. Coming soon!)

Barry M Matt White-link
Barry M SLE 2012- I can't find a link to this one but you can shop this years limited edition polishes here

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Monday, 9 December 2013

Blogging advice #1- Being friends with friends who don't blog

I would normally have my very average, very mundane weekend to share with you today but to be blunt, last week was pooey, I intended to do work at the weekend and then spent majority of it curled up in bed, wishing the Christmas holidays had started already. I didn't want to scare you with a photo of that so I thought I'd impart some of my worldy wisdom.

 photo Bloggingadvice_zpsd9a0a364.jpg

 Being friends with friends who don't blog

Now it's likely that this is the norm. It's not a problem at all, but there may be the need for some adjustment/ understanding. Obviously majority of people don't blog but what I've found is, some people find it weird that YOU do. When I first started blogging, I shared it with my family only; I was proud of it and wanted to share the little achievements with them. They accepted it without question. I also told a couple of friends, if it happened to come up. The people I was most worried about finding out about it were my two oldest friends. I could imagine their reaction and although I (eventually) intended to share it with them, I was going to wait until it was a little more than just a fledgling blog.

Of course, these things never go to plan and one evening, they bought it up. I expected a bit of teasing; I am probably the least expected beauty blogger ever! I never wore make up until I was about 16 and showed very little interest in how I looked. Now of course, the teasing was in jest and my blog was still "young" so I was a quite sensitive about it, but that night I went home to my mum and told her I was going to delete it/ give it up. My mother gave me some stern words including that if I enjoyed it then for what reason am I giving it up? She was, as always, right. I love blogging, it gives me something outside of academic work and I love photographing, talking about the products and engaging with you lovely lot in the comment section.

However I think beauty blogging has a horrible stigma attached to it that it's trivial, easy and not a "real job" (for those who do it for a living). This baffles me as 1. it's anything but easy! and 2. if someone ran a food blog for a living, there wouldn't be the same reaction at all. Weird! I can understand the point that make up is hardly up there with the news but if people are interested in it, who are others to knock it?

I seem to have turned this advice post into an anecdote of my life and a rant! Bringing it back, my advice for those in a similar position to me is to talk to your friends about your blog, drop it into conversation every now and then and get them used to it. Currently, if my friends asked about my baby blog, I'd no doubt gush but apart from that, I keep it to a minimum. I can understand it's a weird thing to understand, however they're totally fine with it now they've had time to get their head around it. We all have different interests in life, blogging just happens to be mine.

I'd also like to say if you have recently started a blog but are unsure how people will react or feel disheartened, please persevere! It is so worth it when you get your blog just how you want it and people are interested in what you have to say! The time you put it in pays off!

I hope that this tiny bit of advice helps people or at least highlights that you're not alone if you've had worries about "real life" friends finding out about your blog. What advice would you give? Do you have similar worries?

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Friday, 6 December 2013

NOTD: Christmas glitter #1





 There is nothing in the slightest that makes this glitter Christmassy. You could wear it all year round, but something about glitter screams Christmas to me!

I absolutely love this combo for many reasons:
1. Darker base colours make shorter nails look better. I don't know what it is, it just works!
2. This Sinful Colors (no 'u', must remember that Alex) polish is gorgeous. It's a dark purple with a pearl finish. It lasts amazingly (4 plus days) and is a really nice formula. No bumps to be seen and I'm not the best at applying nail polish!
3. The purple base colour works really well with this glitter because of the matching lilac hexagonal chunks (I think). I find it looks better on this polish compared to other dark bases e.g black

See separate reviews for each polish:
Sinful Colors Let's Talk- link
Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix- link

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Pamper post

pamper soap and glory

pamper post

After a stressful week, this is my favourite way to relax. I can't think of anything better than a mug of hot chocolate, a good book or film, my skin care routine completed and a face mask on. People say you can put the world to rights with a good lipstick but I disagree; it's all about the face mask!

On this particular week, in my pamper ammo was:

Soap and Glory Face Soap Clarity-link
I absolutely swear by this product! I was bought this for Christmas last year and fell in love. You only need the tiniest amount of it; I've been using it for a year and have only just opened my second bottle of it! It gives you that super clean feeling without stripping the skin and making it tight and dry. It's £7, which is more than I would usually pay for a face wash but this one is definitely worth it!
Full review HERE

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean- link
This was a YouTube enabled buy. MissBudgetBeauty raves about it and I decided to give it a go. I also find this product too expensive to use as just a cleanser (I can practically see my money running down the drain with the product!) so use it in a similar way to her. I leave it on for around 5 minutes and then wash it off. I can't say that this method was found without complications. I once left it on for around 10-15 minutes and although I felt nothing but a mild tingle, to the amusement of my friends, I ended up with an extremely red face that didn't go down for hours! 5 minutes seems to the optimum time for me, no burning and the result is silky smooth skin, but bear in mind that all skin is different if you do try to use it in this way.

Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask- link
I can't say that I love this mask. It's a thick cream that is meant to rehydrate your skin. Containing hyraluronic acid, it helps the skin retain moisture. However, it is definitely a quick fix. I think it's great as a treat for your skin or just for the sake of putting on a mask, but there are definitely no long term benefits.
Full review HERE

The only thing that could make this better is a bath. Alas I have only a shower at my house at university, boo.
What do you do to relax? Do you have any pamper recommendations?

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November goal end and December goals

november goals

I'm so happy with the goals I have achieved this month. I've hit all of them bar one and far exceeded some, (I'm looking at you Twitter!) which I'm so chuffed about! Thank you to everyone who helped me get there and obviously you lovely readers! I'd like to say a super special thank you to Milarie from It'sAUniqueThing as she really helped me hit my goals. A wizz on Twitter with the retweeting, she featured me on her blog and added me to her blogroll, so thanks again Milarie!

I'm thinking of making this a little series about things I would like to achieve each month. I'm hoping this will spur me on to promote my blog more and achieve other goals.

So here are my December goals:

1. Enjoy Christmas! This may seem like a bit of a weird goal but it's not, I assure you. With my course at university, all my assignments are set over Christmas. Overall, I will have to write three essays, amounting to around 8000 words. Last year I left them  until the last minute and spent a lot of my Christmas stressing and panicking so I want them all planned and ready to start before the holidays begin.

2. My second goal ties into my first and that's get organised. Now don't get me wrong, I am pretty organised. Messy folders drive me crazy, I know where every piece of work, bill and letter is and the amount of notebooks I own is ridiculous but I'd like to take it a step further. Second year of university is really stepping up its game and I've got a blog schedule now  and I don't want to let either slide so that's my second goal

3. My third goal is to expand my make up collection. I tend to find something I like and use it and use and use it and then repurchase it. I think this is great on one hand, because I know a product suits me and works for me but it means I don't try any new products!

4. My final goal is to make some blogging friends and get even more involved in the community! I want to go to meet ups, meet some more bloggers, and just chat! So if you're reading this comment below or tweet me at @alexgeorgie_ and let's be friends! (Am I  super lame for this?)

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve?

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas wishlist 

These are some products I have been lusting over for a little while now! I also want to direct my family to this post for a not-so-subtle hint!

1. Lush Butterball Bath Bomb- link- I have seen such good things about this bath bomb, I just need to try it! Added to that, it's my favourite scent- cocoa butter.

2. Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish lipstick 107- link- Another product floating around the blogs but I'm going to put it out there... I don't like Kate Moss. I can't quite put my finger on what it is but I just don't like her, so much so I refuse to buy her products. A gift doesn't count though, right?

3. Bourjois Colour Boost Plum Russian- link- I love lip crayons and this shade is so winter appropriate, I may have to buy it for myself...

4. Superfacialist bu Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask-link- Isn't that a mouthful and a half?! The last time I tried a clay mask it broke me out quite badly. I know it's meant to do this, pulling out the impurities and all but the break out was awful! I don't want to give up on clay masks all together so this would be a nice one to try as it sounds quite gentle.

5. Forever 21Cool Girl Plaid Skirt-link- Oh, how I am jealous of you American girls! This is the perfect tartan skirt I have been searching for and it's only on the American Forever 21 site. Sob! The search continues...

What would be on your Christmas list?

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Monday, 2 December 2013

The Weekend #4

Another busy weekend but at the same time doesn't seem like I've done much! My family came down this weekend so we all met at my nana's who lives near to me and spent the weekend there. It was lovely to see my mum and sister. We relaxed and I ate A LOT! My nana has a sweet tooth like me so when we get together, we're awful!

the weekend

Mum and Nana love Sherlock Holmes so while they were watching an extremely old black and white movie of that, I caught up on my YouTubers!

the weekend

the weekend

Olivia, my sister and I messing around! Please excuse my  hair and make up free face. Like I said, a very relaxed weekend.

the weekend

Nana knows me too well! I luuuuurve sparkling water. My favourite brand is Pellegrino but I'll drink any of them. I think it's a real love it or hate it drink.

the weekend

A weird late night snack! Nana cooked this pork chop up but we didn't end up eating it so I ate it cold later. I'm awful!

the weekend

A very bad and blurry picture of Norwich's Christmas lights. They look really Christmassy. Not that you can tell from this photo :(

the weekend

I'm having a real hormonal break out at the minute (TMI?) and really wanted to treat my skin. I leave this on for a few minutes, rinse it off and my skin is silky smooth! (Disclaimer: This product isn't designed to be left on, but I like to get as much use for my money as possible and think it works most effectively when used like this. I have left this on for 15 minutes before and my skin was very red and hot feeling. I think 5 minutes is a more appropriate time but obviously not all skin is the same so be careful and bear this in mind).

the weekend 

I haven't painted my nails for what feels like years, which is so unlike me! You'll see this combo up on the blog later in the week so look out for that!

What have you been doing this weekend? Eaten any sweet treat that I can lust over (and then buy in the name of blog research? ;))

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