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Monday, 11 February 2013

Soap and Glory "Tricks of the Shade" Review


Today I'll be reviewing the Soap and Glory "Tricks of the Shade" Eye Palette for you!

This eye palette comes with a double ended brush and a "Supercat" liquid black eyeliner pen. I love Soap and Glory packaging on a whole with its vintage pictures and quirky sayings. This particular palette is in a strong cardboard case which includes a very large mirror on the inside. Its not really travel friendly (e.g. can't throw it in your handbag) however at home or if travelling for a long time, the mirror is perfect.

I like the eye liner pen. I use it when I've put on eye shadow and don't want eye shadow all over my normal eye liner. It's a jet black and the pen makes it very easy to apply, especially as I'm really liking winged eye liner again

 My favourite shades have to be Wild Blue, Dandy Plum and Minky.
However I do have some criticism of this shades. I find that the colours aren't highly pigmented meaning you have to put on quite a lot for them to show. I prefer using my own brush as the brush supplied tends to eat the eye shadow so you're having to use even more.
I think they'd work a lot better with a primer which I didn't use when I wore them.

I would recommend this palette to anyone who has the patience to build up the colours as they really are gorgeous shades.

NYC Nail Polish Review


With Spring coming in, I've been looking at some new shades of nail polish colours to fuel my addiction! It seems that pastel colours are going to be in which I really love!

I was on the hunt for a mint, a baby pink and a lilac to add to my collection. I found NYC's Expert Last Nail Polish in Mint Macaroon and instantly fell in love with it. Mint macaroon is exactly as its described a lovely pastel green. Its got no shimmer or any of that jazz but I liked that it looks very glossy and opaque after about 3 coats. At first I put two on which would be sufficient but I added a third to get the flawless and glossy look. It also dried quickly which I always like in a nail varnish.

I've only just put it on but if it's anything like other NYC nail varnishes then it should stay on quite well. Before this colour I had on NYC's In a New York Minute in Lincoln Square Lavender and that stayed on really well, taking at least a week before my nails even began to chip.

I've included a picture of it on my nails above. I apologise for the bad quality. However I'd highly recommend this nail varnish!

Friday, 1 February 2013

25 Facts About Me


I saw Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and a few other bloggers do this so I thought I would  give it a go (you can check out Louise's here). So I'm going to be sharing 25 facts about me. Simple as that!

1. Since I was little, I have had a toy rabbit called Baby (because I was so inventive with names as a child!)

2. I absolutely love pickled onions and pickled beetroot

3. I studied Law, Psychology and English Language at A Level and Critical Thinking and Sociology at AS level

4. I'm starting to become a little nail polish addicted. Have to mentally restrain myself in Superdrug!

5. My favourite colour is any shade of purple 

6. I love the vintage decor look and pastel colours

7. I have one sister

Nice sticky out bit of hair there! Fail!

8. I love Cosmo magazine and buy one every month

9. I watch Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter's videos religiously

10. I'm neither religious nor not religious. I just haven't decided yet

11. I've been with my boyfriend since 22nd June 2011

12. I'm in my first year of university at UEA studying law

13. I'm a chocaholic (with a special place in my heart for hot chocolate)

14. I'm a romantic

15. I feel lost without a watch on

16. I love giving people presents and would do so all the time, if money allowed it!

17. I'm 5 foot 7 inches

18. I love American sweets! Especially Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!

19.I have size 8 feet and used to hate my big feet when I was younger

20. I'm loving natural curly hair right now! Embrace natural!

21. My favourite animal is a Hippo

Can't help but pull a funny face after a while!
22. I HATE sticky lipglosses

23. I've only been on a plane once

24. I passed my driving licence in January. WOO!

25. I'm quite stubborn

Thanks everyone for reading this blog post. I'd love to read 25 facts about you so give it a go!

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