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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Stash Edit

 photo soapglory_zpsb0aeea41.jpg

 photo soapglory2_zps80ab59b3.jpg

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When Boots sent me this doozy of a leaflet, it made me just want to buy everything in it. I mean, everything. Glow Job is at the top of my hit list (a moisturiser with a tan in it) but with money being tight at the minute (read: after buying too many drinks at the bar last night), I settled for shopping my stash.

If you caught THIS Soap and Glory haul, you would have seen I bought three products; two of which really stole show. I'm still using the Face Soap and Clarity facial wash (full review here) over a year later and continue to feature Peaches and Clean  (how I use it here) anywhere I can. Despite giving No Clogs Allowed a glowing review (see here), I have to admit to using it five times or less. A travesty I know! 

I reluctantly rubbed it onto my face, thinking all the time how I wanted some of the new products. This product heats up like crazy though and that soon pulled me out of my mood. I left it on for about five minutes and then washed it off. As I washed it, I realised there were some scrubby particles in the mask so gave my face a little scrub as well. I was amazed at how smooth and soft my skin felt afterwards. My moisturiser and make up went on so smoothly afterwards, I couldn't believe it! 

This product is definitely in my skincare rotation now and although I'm still lusting after the new products, I'm happy to have unearthed an unloved one from the stash. Do you think you have any gems in your stash that needs some lovin'?

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

FOTD- The Fall Back Look

Face of the Day

Face of the Day January 2014

I can never resist pulling a funny face! Face of the Day's have never been my strong point photo wise, I just can't take a picture of my face seriously! I was in a bit of a rush this morning so hence the less than perfect photographs and minimal make up.

As I've looked at my previous posts, I've seen that this look is very similar to one I have already done (HERE). I've been mixing up my eye looks recently but of course the day I decided to do a FOTD... it appears this make up is my fall back look. True name of this post? 

In a time pinch? This is what I throw on my face..

Full review- LINK

Full review- LINK

Used as eyeshadow- How I do it- LINK

Full review- LINK

What make up products have you been enjoying recently?

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Monday, 27 January 2014

January Favourites

January 2014 favourites
Oooh check that product positioning...swish (not! Haha)
First month of the new year and it's whizzed past (I will carry on to say this every month of the year, without fail!) I'm going to try and keep this post short and sweet as my favourites tend to always turn into a ramble! Also most of these products have featured on this 'ere blog before so I'll link individual reviews where possible. 

This perfume has quite a heavy scent, don't let the (lovely) ornate flower bottle fool you. I once had someone tell me this perfume 'smells like you' and it has been a firm favourite ever since. I have never repurchased a perfume before (being quite a floozy in the scent department) but this could soon be the first. Only downside it that it is the least travel friendly thing I have ever seen. A Travalo purchase may be in order for this perfume alone!
Full review- LINK

On searching AG (Alex Georgie, geddit?) for a full review of this cleanser, I'm astounded not to find one. Must get on fixing that immediately. I love this product for giving me a really deep cleanse and it has been a permanent fixture this month in getting rid of those pesky post Christmas spots! It's been repackaged since I bought this bottle and I've just seen that it's now a '3 in 1' cleanser as opposed to a '4 in 1' one. I don't believe the formula has been changed so I'm unsure why the change in wording. Does anyone know?
See how I use it here- LINK

Eye lash curlers
These are of no particular brand or make, just some hand-me-down from my mum who didn't use them. I'm lucky in the lash department, in that my lashes are naturally quite curled. However I've been loving adding more of a curl with eye lash curlers this month; a step I would usually skip for that extra minute in bed. 

I've been trialling this product this month and have been loving it as a refreshing step to cool down my prone-to-puffiness eyes. I'm not sure if it has helped my dark circles (can anything really?) but it has been a lovely addition to my skincare routine. Full review to come!

Another product being trialled, I've really liked this topcoat for giving that almost gel nail look. I had a bit of trouble with it applying thickly at first but have worked through that with practice. I'm definitely finding it works better with different nail polishes than others but this is another plus, as it means I'm working through my stash to see who's top dog!

I have nothing to say about this product that hasn't been said. Good pigmentation, long wearing, perfect for the one colour lid and that is exactly how I've been using it this month. A quick swipe of the finger over the lid, just for something different really. I'm not much of an eye shadow wearer (except if I have time/ for an occasion) so this is what I've been using to mix it up.
First impression- LINK

What have your favourites been this month? Do you like any of these products?

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum review

Healthy Mix Serum review

First time in a while I haven't had a post scheduled, starting to slip eh?

If you saw this post- LINK- then you may have seen I picked up this foundation. I'd been eyeing this up for a while and finally decided to chuck it in my basket when Bourjois had a gift with purchase going on. I'm going to say from the get go, I like this foundation but I got it at the wrong time. Being in mid winter, my skin has been dry and more blemish prone than usual and the lighter coverage of this foundation hasn't suited that. It also doesn't help that in my rush to get it, I got a shade too dark for my pale winter complexion. I think this will be perfect in summer when the sun has cleared my skin up and the colour will match but right now... not so much.

I don't think it lasts for 16 hours as claimed. I'd get home some days and parts of my face would look patchy. However I do agree with the radiance boosting. I have very lacklustre skin and this foundation is able to just perk it up somewhat. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is light coverage (but it can be built up) and easily blendable (handy in my case when some serious blending into the neck is needed!)

Overall a thumbs up on the radiance side of it. This is the first foundation I've tried with that sort of thing in it and I really liked it. This will be the first foundation I reach for when I go on holiday! For reference my shade is number 56 Hale Clair.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Sins

 photo BeautySins_zpscbe7109d.jpg

Let's be honest here, we all do things beauty related that we know we're not supposed to. Something we know Caroline Hirons would tear her hair out at, something our skin hates us doing. I thought I'd share my beauty sins with you today, in the hope that I can shame myself out of them and that together we can come up with some tips for avoiding them!

1. Going to bed with make up on
It's less of an occurrence now but one that still happens (last Saturday being one of them!). When I've come in from a night out, I just can't be bothered to do my whole skin care routine. Hell, I can't even be bothered to crack out the baby wipes sometimes. I admire you girls that go to bed with fresh skin every night, whatever the circumstance. You go girls!
Tip: Take your make up off as soon as you get home (and aren't going out again). My problem is that I like to settle in a bit so when it comes to going to bed, I just want to drop straight into it. Doing it immediately means it's out of the way, done and dusted, and you can completely forget about it. Do this every day and not just nights out and this will give your skin some breathing time too.

2. Chipped nails
Now this one happens all the time and what is worse is I hate chipped nails! I like painting my nails (I know some find it a tedious job) but I just seem to be so slow at removing the old to apply the new. My mum scolds me for it as she says it looks awful. And I know it too! Any tips for this one ladies?

3. Picking my spots
This one has a been a bad habit for years, resulting in scarring, angry spots and scabs but nothing seems to deter me! I just can't stand the look of a white head (or blackhead for that matter) on my face. Not that a huge red mark looks any better.. makes me feel better though.
Tip: Now I'm preaching here as I can't take my own advice but replace one bad habit with a good one. Invest in a spot treatment (I like Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser- mini review- LINK) so that when you see a spot, you apply the treatment instead of picking.

I think I'll leave it at that today. The last one was pretty shameful but if I think of any more, there will definitely be a Part 2. What are your worst beauty sins? Do you have any tips for any of mine?

P.S Happy birthday Nana! Love you!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

First MAC lipstick- Girl About Town

 photo Macgirlabouttown_zps135bec44.jpg

 photo MACgirlabouttown4_zpsbf61ecb3.jpg

 photo MACgirlabouttown5_zpsfa717931.jpg

 photo MACgirlabouttown6_zps8ded6b20.jpg

 photo MACgirlabouttown8_zpsa7821c81.jpg

 photo MACgirlabouttown2_zpsbdab6ff3.jpg

 photo MACgirlabouttown3_zps56d43556.jpg

*Why does Blogger  hate to centre everything for me?!*

Please excuse this unnecessary amount of photos. I was so excited about my first MAC lipstick, I took millions of photos and now don't have the heart not to publish them all! Let's get straight to the point, I love MAC Girl About Town! My sister bought me it for Christmas and it is what I would call your standard fuchsia pink. She did a great job choosing as I would have picked this colour myself!

It's an amplified creme lipstick, which is one of MAC's various finishes. Amplified finishes are meant to be packed with colour and creamy and I would definitely agree with that. You can barely brush this lipstick against your lips without getting some form of colour! It's a dream to wear as the creaminess is really comfortable. It's weird to describe a lipstick as comfortable but some have that not-so-great feeling (anyone know what I'm talking about?) and this doesn't have that. It glides on effortlessly and feels quite moisturising actually.

I can't comment too much on wear time as I've only just brought myself to swatch it, let alone wear it outside! I have worn it around the house once or twice however and the wear time is average; two to three hours. I think for how creamy this lipstick is, I'm quite impressed as I have others of a similar finish and majority of the colour comes off as soon as your lips touch anything.

All in all, a great buy Liv! Thanks!

What was your first MAC lipstick? Do you have any favourites?

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy Birthday Alex Georgie! & Skin Care Haul

 I'm having a little melt down that I've been blogging a whole year! When I started my blog, I had no idea that I would still be doing it a whole year later, and I hope, I will be blogging for many years to come now! I have to admit I only really joined the beauty community in October 2013. That's when I realised typing away on my own little space of the internet wasn't enough, I had to get engaging with other bloggers! Since then I've got Twitter for my blog, as well as Pinterest, and have had a ball (never used that saying before!) chatting to other like minded people. My lovely followers have slowly been expanding and I can't thank anyone who followed, read, retweeted, favourited etc enough!

 photo Skincarehaul3_zpsd2e224af.jpg

 photo Skincarehaul2_zps5c31e00f.jpg

 photo Skincarehaul1_zpsdda906c6.jpg

As well as the mini blog celebration, I've also got a skincare haul to share with you! I actually picked these up over about three months. I seemed to think I was running out of skincare but I really wasn't! They've been waiting patiently in my drawer ever since so I thought why not haul them before I crack them open.

If you can't tell there was a little offer on NSpa, and that was what initially drew me to all their products. However the fact they smelt delicious had me wanting to pick up the whole range! My plan was to get the whole peach range but unfortunately they didn't have the body spray. I picked up the NSpa Peach Shower Gel and Nspa Peach Body Butter. I switched in the NSpa Mango Body Mist  instead of the peach one as it smelt very similar and I thought it would layer nicely with the body wash and body butter (spoiler: it does!) The NSpa Passion Fruit Shower and Bath Gel was another lovely smelling one; very fresh. I absolutely love fruit scents so all NSpa's products were right up my street! I'll definitely be checking out more from the brand. Does anyone remember those Boots fruit gift sets that everyone used to get everyone for Christmas? I'm sure I was the only one who loved receiving those!

The other bits were to replace my not so dwindling skin care products. I really wanted to try some sort of eye serum so picked up this Botanics All Bright Refreshing Eye Roll- On and so far I've been quite liking it. I get really bad dark circles so hope this will go some way at helping them. I'll keep you posted! I see you're questioning my need for the Simple Regeneration Anti Age Resisting Day Cream. You can never start with the anti-ageing products early in my opinion! No point using them when you've already got the fine lines! Saying that, I have got a few lines on my forehead...hitting my peak at 19!! I also picked up the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion. I've actually had this before and it was a little drying on my skin but I figured with spoaradic use, it may keep my breakouts at bay. Hopefully! The last thing (well it was actually the first) thing I picked up was Superdrug's Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. I mention in THIS post that I was looking to get one and this is the one I decided on!

I don't know how this ended up being SUCH a long post but I do love my skin care! Have you found any skin care gems recently?

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Disappointing Product #1- Nails Inc Porchester Square

Nails Inc Porchester Square review
Please excuse my red tinged nails, that was a stubborn one to remove!

Nails Inc Porchester Square review

I have to admit I don't like being negative about a product. I feel that the majority of the time there is an alternative use or method of using that may be able to redeem it. Sometimes though, it has to be said, 'I just don't like this'. This is unfortunately how I feel about Nails Inc Porchester Square. I feel like I'm betraying Vivianna Does Makeup for saying this but it's true.

I don't know if it's because I went in with such high expectations that it disappointed but it just wasn't the perfect nude polish I hoped for. This polish doesn't actually belong to me, my sister got it in a pack of editors picks or the likes (don't quote me) but I had it on my nails before she even had a chance to get the rest of the wrapping paper off. She wasn't happy, let me tell you.

I think the problem was that it just doesn't compliment my skin tone. It seems to just look 'meh' on there. Nothing special. This could also be because I love my brights and nudes don't come naturally to me but I really tried hard to love this. It wasn't meant to be...

Despite my disappointment, the mauvey grey polish did last well (two to three days on my nails, which is a god send for my poor nails) and it did have a shininess to it even before a topcoat. In this NOTD, I used the Barry TopCoat featured here (LINK) however I must let you know, I've crumbled. I've bought Seche Vite. I'm currently testing it for review but I've found it works better with different polishes. Anyone else find this?

Buy Nails Inc Porchester Square- LINK

What did you think of this polish? Overrated by bloggers or loving it?

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Review

Montage Jeunesse review
Montage Jeunesse review Montage Jeunesse review Montage Jeunesse review
My sister and I decided to have a pamper morning on Christmas Day so we used these Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks in Mint Choc Chip and Blackcurrant Burst Peel Off. You may have seen them in this haul LINK. I've got mint choc chip on and my sister, Olivia, has Blackcurrant Peel Off.

My Verdict
This mask makes for the perfect pamper night. It smells delicious! Just like mint choc chip ice cream. I was almost tempted to lick a bit off but I've made that mistake with beauty products before! More than once... It is one of those masks that dries hard, as you can see in the picture above, which I was worried would be hard to take off. It wasn't though, I just wiped my face with a flannel and although some parts were more stubborn, I wasn't having to tug at my face. This mask claimed to hydrate, cleanse and get rid of impurities. My face felt quite fresh afterwards but I wouldn't say it was particularly hydrated. I have quite dry skin so it would be quite a tall order to complete.
Overall, this mask is great to get that clean feeling on your face, but nothing revolutionary. I can't hold that against the product though as for 90p, it's a nice treat.

Olivia's verdict
I love the smell of berries so for me this was the perfect face mask. However this particular mask was very thin, so when it came to applying it, I found it very messy. I also didn't have enough time to apply another layer as the face mask had already begun to set. I wasn't too keen of the feel of it on my skin either. I could feel it setting, which wasn't pleasant. It was extremely difficult to remove as only parts were peeling off properly and the rest came off in lumps of goo. Despite having to wash it off with face wash in the end as it wasn't peeling, I found that my skin was extremely smooth after. This mask was supposed to pull impurities out of your skin and I wasn't too sure whether it fully achieved that. Overall I wasn't a huge fan of the product however as I'm new to this whole beauty thing Alex does, I'd gladly give it another shot!

And there's Olivia's debut to Alex Georgie! Hopefully she'll be my guinea pig for more products soon! I can't find these anywhere online but I bought them from Primark for 90p each. I think they may be exclusive to there. Weird that I can't even find them on Montage Jeunesse's official website though.. If you want to check out more masks from them you can here- LINK

Hope you all have a great week! What face masks do you like?

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Diary post #1

Dear Diary 

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd do a bit of a chatty, informal post today. I don't do these sorts of posts often so thought it might be fun to just type and see where it goes. A Dear Diary sort post if you will..

So it's after Christmas and New Year and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep. At university, I'd gotten into a bad habit of staying up late so when I came home I thought I'd get out of that habit. Wrong. I seem to staying up later somehow. My mum's forced bed time of ten-ish (she can't sleep unless everyone is..weird I know) isn't cutting it. I'm staying up until one or two o'clock on my iPad, all the time wondering why I'm doing it. I'm not even a late night person! Half 9 bed time as of now! Promise.

As always when I come home, I've packed on the pounds. I'm not sure how much as I still don't own scales but I can feel it. I've got that sluggish feeling and my jeans are a tad tighter than I'd like. I really restrain myself at university as I hate to spend money on food/ bus travel I don't need. However once at home, my mum treats me to my weaknesses (chocolate and Chilli Heatwave Doritos) so it's almost inevitable that I'm going to put on weight. To add to that, I ride my bike at university and walk everywhere else whereas at home, pretty much everything is by car. I don't like the fact that my weight is yo-yoing. It's only by a little bit, but I come home and put it on and go back to uni and lose it (I must be doing something wrong, everyone else is the other way round!) Now that I'm going back to university though, I've decided I'm going to try the 5:2 diet. You eat normally for five days and then fast (can have up to 500 calories) for two days. Fasting is meant to be good for your body if done intermittently so I'm hoping for some health benefits from this too. To go with this, I'm going to up my water intake. Water is a natural appetite depressant, and it also aids in weight loss, hydration and body functioning. Lastly, I'm going to attempt running again, I've downloaded an app that tells you how many calories you've lost from it so I'm hoping if I can see that, it will encourage me. I don't hold out too much hope as I hate running but wish me luck!
You can see more of my weight posts here- LINK

I'm going back to university in a few days to start a new semester and I'm really looking forward to it. This last semester has been really hard going, my adviser described it as the hardest semester of my degree and I hope he's right because I've definitely struggled. However this term I have got to pick two out of three of my modules and I'm excited to get learning. Last semester had me really doubting my passion for law but my excitement for the semester means that I must still have it! Also I got a volunteer job, yay for experience! And I'm looking forward to starting that this term.

Lastly it's my mum's birthday today! Happy birthday, if you happen to be reading, Mam! We're not doing anything special, I think she wants a quiet night it whilst she turns 21 again ;) However we're going to breakfast tomorrow morning with some friends which should be lovely. I'm going to cook her a nice dinner tonight, maybe a cheeky glass of wine and a pamper evening. Sounds perfect, if I do say so myself!

I think that's all I've got to catch you all up on really. I just wanted to point out my blogging schedule if you haven't already worked it out. I didn't want to put anything in stone as I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep it up but I have done so for the last three months so I feel like I can handle it. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is a mixture of beauty, lifestyle and the tiniest bit of fashion. I'm still branching out to the fashion side of it with hauls as I'm not yet comfortable with outfit posts (awkward poses anyone?) and my fashion sense is anything but revolutionary but I'll see how that goes.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Have you got any plans?

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Breakfast Porridge "recipe"

I thought this was a very apt post for the New Year. A fair few people will be on a health kick and this is my favourite (and good for me!) breakfast. Porridge with hazelnut milk and apples! The hazelnut milk adds another flavour and the apples go all soft and gooey...delicious!
There are various ways you can make this breakfast. You can obviously switch in different fruits, types of milk and cooking methods depending on your preference but this is the way I like to make it.
I've called this a recipe but really it's more of a 'throw some ingredients in a bowl and hope for the best' type thing!

 photo photo2_zps96df4d07.jpg

 photo photo3_zps12bd2426.jpg 

 photo photo4_zps0b901a59.jpg 

 photo image_zps36bc85aa.jpeg 

 photo image1_zps1400ca41.jpeg

Rolled Oats
Apple/any fruit
Type of milk
(Optional) Cinnamon, ginger etc

1. Add your porridge oats to your bowl, depending on how much you like. I usually fill the bottom of my bowl.
2. Add your type of preferred milk. Here I'm using hazelnut milk but you could use any sort of milk. I fill it with the same amount I'd use if it was cereal.
3. Add in your chopped apple or other fruit/s. I sometimes swap in banana.
4. Put in the microwave for 2 minutes (I use the microwave because I don't want to stand over the hob and it saves time but the apple goes gooey-er and the porridge less dried if you do it over the hob).
5. Add extra milk and flavouring (I like cinnamon and sugar) to taste.

And there it is! 5 simple steps to a tasty and healthy breakfast. Tweet me @alexgeorgie_ if you try this! Do you have any tips and tricks for a healthy breakfast?

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Monday, 6 January 2014

New Years Blogging Resolutions

New Years Blogging Resolutions
 I wasn't going to do any New Years Resolutions this year. I feel like I'm setting myself up to fail. I ALWAYS break them. Get fitter; I put on weight. Eat healthy; I'll binge eat chocolate for a week straight. Do my work sooner and here I am sitting with two pieces of coursework to do. As the Lean Machines said in a video recently, it doesn't matter what day it is, new year or not, just start doing something! (I'm not practising what they're preaching unfortunately!)
I suppose you're wondering after that extremely long intro, why I'm now writing a resolution post? I found that when I wrote this post (LINK) about blog goals, it really spurred me onto reach those goals. I only fell short on one, which I think is pretty good! So I thought instead of personal resolutions, I'll do some blog ones.

1. I'd love to grow my audience more. By the end of the year, I'd love to have 150 followers. Just under five times what I have now. Better get promoting!

2. Relating to my first goal, I'd like to become a bit more clued up on SEO, photography, HTML and the likes. I know the basics of these but I always think you can learn more and improve.

3. I've recently given my blog a cleaner, more minimalistic design so I'm quite happy with it at the moment. However I'd like to keep on top of it this year instead of having to spend hours all at one time to get it how I would like it (and therefore avoiding the meltdown when the HTML isn't working how I'd like it to!)

4. Comment on more blogs. I know this seems like a really weird thing but I read so many blogs on bloglovin' on my iPad that it makes it hard to comment on them. I'm more likely to read and exit, even when I have an opinion on something, which is crazy!

5. Make more blogger friends! I love chatting to other bloggers so I'm going to make a more concerted effort to do it!

Do you have any resolutions, personal or blogging related?

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Friday, 3 January 2014

December Favourites

I'll get one of these favourites posted on the month it was for one day! As I'm at home, it made it a tad easier to see which product make the cut. Onto the products...

December Favourites

Is it a cheat when you've only had the product for 6 days of the month? I can hear you screaming yes and I'm going to ignore you! I love love love this. The colour and the finish. It's an amplified creme which my research tells me it meant to be smooth, creamy and colour packed. I 100% agree with this. You can barely brush the lipstick on your lips and you've got a lovely colour. A new meaning to buttery soft for me

The mask pictured above is more an example of the whole brand as I obviously haven't tried that one. I remember these being a treat at sleepovers when I was younger so it's nice to see a brand make a comeback a such. They have some really nice masks that seem to have done wonders for calming my breakouts this month.

I don't think I've mentioned these before which is crazy as it's my go-to spot treatment! I dab a blob of this on my spots at night and it calms them and makes them less angry in the morning. I was at first using it as an all over moisturiser but my skin didn't agree with it. It has salicylic acid in it so that may be why. Localized to an area though and it works wonders. A product I've been reaching for during post Christmas breakouts! :(

Or scrubby gloves as my family call them. I've come to really appreciate these this  month as I've been going back and forth between university and home, sometimes without them. You just can't get an exfoliation like them. They're not too abrasive, just perfect for getting rid of all that nasty dead skin, as well as boosting circulation. Bonus!

If you don't know what this is, it's pure lemon juice. You put a few drops in water and it's meant to curb cravings. I really hated this stuff. It tasted like grassy/ lemony water and not in the good way. My mum kept handing me glasses of water, which I'd take a gulp of before realising she'd put some in. Sneaky! I think it's actually starting to work though and I'm not completely hating it! I'm going to try it with hot water as a detox sort of thing and see how that goes

What have your favourites been? Mine have been a bit restricted with all the travelling this month

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year and What I Got for Christmas

Another week late post. It's starting to become a trend isn't it? Anyway, the usual disclaimer that I'm not bragging about what I got. It's simply that I love reading these posts (because I'm a nosy gal) and also wanted to see how creative I could get with the photography (answer: not very!). I'm not going to look up how much everything was as I don't want to know but I'll try and give as much detail on the items as I possibly can.

What I Got For Christmas

Make Up
I didn't get much make-up this year. I don't think my family really know of my secret make-up addiction. What I did get though were these amazing lip colours. When I opened Mac (Girl About Town) from my sister, I squealed and even teared up a little bit. This is my first Mac lipstick and I couldn't be happier with the colour. I think picking a lip colour for someone else is a bit tricky, with personal preference and skintone to take into account but she did an amazing job! Even more so when I found out she had to order it so couldn't even swatch it! I also got Clinique's Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony from my cousin, which also induced another squeal. Another perfect lip colour choice!

What I Got For Christmas

What I Got For Christmas

I got these boots from Tesco from my Nana. I think she saw me traipsing around with wet feet (Converse don't hold up in the rain well) and decided to put an end to it! Thank goodness! From my aunt and uncle, I got this Matalan tartan onesie and I haven't been out of it since! It's made of that slightly fuzzy material (anyone know what I'm talking about?) and is so cosy. I love the fact that it has a hood too. Also from my aunt and uncle, I got this amazing techy warm set. Making perfect sense as usual. It included headphones incorporated in ear muffs, touchscreen gloves and a little phone sock. I probably won't use the phone sock but the others are coming in handy already! My other aunt got me this thick infinity scarf from Sainsbury's; another item that has hardly left me. I've even taken to wearing it in the house because I love it so much!
The slippers are actually from Next. They have a cushioned sole and feel so plush!

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Other things
My mum got me a diary and calendar set with apt make-up quotes inside (she knows me well!) and also we're going to go to the theatre in the New Year which is exciting. I haven't been in years! What is Christmas without a selection box, this year a Galaxy one. The other bits are from a Next Cashmere Gift Set from my sister, which smells quite good.

I've taken a few things back to university already as it's less to bring back in the new year, so I did get a few more cheeky gifts including:
Cadbury's Chocolate
Backpack (seen in this haul- LINK)
Matcing calendar to the diary
Amazing scrapbook with lots of pictures of me and my friend

I'd like to say a big thank you for all my presents (if any of my family happen to be reading this) and that I'm so grateful for all of it. I definitely did so well this year (present wise), despite that not being what Christmas is really about. I enjoyed spending some good quality time with my family and I cherished this even more this year, as there was a Grandad shaped hole in it for the first time.

I hope you all had an amazing time and HAPPY NEW YEAR. What did you get for Christmas?

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