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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Disappointing Product #1- Nails Inc Porchester Square

Nails Inc Porchester Square review
Please excuse my red tinged nails, that was a stubborn one to remove!

Nails Inc Porchester Square review

I have to admit I don't like being negative about a product. I feel that the majority of the time there is an alternative use or method of using that may be able to redeem it. Sometimes though, it has to be said, 'I just don't like this'. This is unfortunately how I feel about Nails Inc Porchester Square. I feel like I'm betraying Vivianna Does Makeup for saying this but it's true.

I don't know if it's because I went in with such high expectations that it disappointed but it just wasn't the perfect nude polish I hoped for. This polish doesn't actually belong to me, my sister got it in a pack of editors picks or the likes (don't quote me) but I had it on my nails before she even had a chance to get the rest of the wrapping paper off. She wasn't happy, let me tell you.

I think the problem was that it just doesn't compliment my skin tone. It seems to just look 'meh' on there. Nothing special. This could also be because I love my brights and nudes don't come naturally to me but I really tried hard to love this. It wasn't meant to be...

Despite my disappointment, the mauvey grey polish did last well (two to three days on my nails, which is a god send for my poor nails) and it did have a shininess to it even before a topcoat. In this NOTD, I used the Barry TopCoat featured here (LINK) however I must let you know, I've crumbled. I've bought Seche Vite. I'm currently testing it for review but I've found it works better with different polishes. Anyone else find this?

Buy Nails Inc Porchester Square- LINK

What did you think of this polish? Overrated by bloggers or loving it?

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