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Monday, 27 January 2014

January Favourites

January 2014 favourites
Oooh check that product positioning...swish (not! Haha)
First month of the new year and it's whizzed past (I will carry on to say this every month of the year, without fail!) I'm going to try and keep this post short and sweet as my favourites tend to always turn into a ramble! Also most of these products have featured on this 'ere blog before so I'll link individual reviews where possible. 

This perfume has quite a heavy scent, don't let the (lovely) ornate flower bottle fool you. I once had someone tell me this perfume 'smells like you' and it has been a firm favourite ever since. I have never repurchased a perfume before (being quite a floozy in the scent department) but this could soon be the first. Only downside it that it is the least travel friendly thing I have ever seen. A Travalo purchase may be in order for this perfume alone!
Full review- LINK

On searching AG (Alex Georgie, geddit?) for a full review of this cleanser, I'm astounded not to find one. Must get on fixing that immediately. I love this product for giving me a really deep cleanse and it has been a permanent fixture this month in getting rid of those pesky post Christmas spots! It's been repackaged since I bought this bottle and I've just seen that it's now a '3 in 1' cleanser as opposed to a '4 in 1' one. I don't believe the formula has been changed so I'm unsure why the change in wording. Does anyone know?
See how I use it here- LINK

Eye lash curlers
These are of no particular brand or make, just some hand-me-down from my mum who didn't use them. I'm lucky in the lash department, in that my lashes are naturally quite curled. However I've been loving adding more of a curl with eye lash curlers this month; a step I would usually skip for that extra minute in bed. 

I've been trialling this product this month and have been loving it as a refreshing step to cool down my prone-to-puffiness eyes. I'm not sure if it has helped my dark circles (can anything really?) but it has been a lovely addition to my skincare routine. Full review to come!

Another product being trialled, I've really liked this topcoat for giving that almost gel nail look. I had a bit of trouble with it applying thickly at first but have worked through that with practice. I'm definitely finding it works better with different nail polishes than others but this is another plus, as it means I'm working through my stash to see who's top dog!

I have nothing to say about this product that hasn't been said. Good pigmentation, long wearing, perfect for the one colour lid and that is exactly how I've been using it this month. A quick swipe of the finger over the lid, just for something different really. I'm not much of an eye shadow wearer (except if I have time/ for an occasion) so this is what I've been using to mix it up.
First impression- LINK

What have your favourites been this month? Do you like any of these products?

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  1. I love the Oh Lola perfume, just the bottle alone is FABULOUS! Definitely invest in a travel for carrying it about though!

    New follower here! Looking forward to reading ore of your blog!

    Jenn | <a href="”>PhotoJennic</a>


    1. It's lovely isn't it. Looks gorgeous sitting on my side. I will! Thanks for following Jenn! Hope you enjoy it!xx


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