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Monday, 30 September 2013

Avon Opal Top Coat nail polish

Avon Opal Top Coat

Two nails posts in a row! I'm becoming obsessed with the polish again!

The only way I can describe this is 'moon in a bottle'! Holographic mixed size chunks suspended in silvery polish? What's not to love? I ordered this from Avon as I thought it would look lovely over darker polishes for Autumn/Winter. It's very similar to the double ended polishes bought out by Revlon  a little while ago, the Moon Candy polishes.

As well as looking great over dark polishes, it also looks lovely over lighter ones. I tried it over Barry M Gelly in Satsuma, just as a accent nail and the add of shimmer really gave it an edge.

Avon Opal Polish

Application wise, however it's not great. I painted it over nails I'd let dry for a whole day and it still managed to smudge them. Also with the chunks being so large, it's hard to get an even amount on each nail and they don't tend to lay flat, meaning your nails aren't smooth. If you have the time to dab on the chunks and play around with it though, it's definitely worth it. Maybe I just need to work on my manicure skills!

Still available from Avon and currently half price- LINK

Friday, 27 September 2013

Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix polish

 Models Own

Ill admit to buying this quite a while ago but just never thought about blogging about it. Recently though, I accented (totally a word) up a nail with it and someone thought I had had them done professionally so I thought it was worth a mention!

This is the exact type of glitter that would attract me, if one were to. I'm always hesitant of glitters as the effort to remove them is just too much for me, however nice they look. This particular one is a mixture of small and medium sized hexagonal chunks in gold, teal, pink, and orange. I really like this one as it goes with majority of nail polishes and isn't too hard to apply. By that I mean, with some glitters, I find you have to dot them on to get an even coverage whereas with this one, two swipes and you're good to go!

Models Own

It is a pain to get off (boooo) but that's with all glitters so I can't mark it down for that. If you're in the market for a 'matches all' glitter, I'd highly recommend this one

Order online HERE or pick up in your local Boots. Have you tried this glitter? Do you find the removal hard too?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

MUA PowerPout

MUA Power Pout

In my bid to find a cheaper version of the the Bourjois Colour Boost, I came across this MUA Power Pout. Both of these are tinted balms in crayon form. I love the idea of this as its a fuss free lip colour, no where near as bold as a lipstick and perfect for those "no make up make up"days or ones where you don't have time to maintain a lip colour.

MUA Power Pout

The colour I have here is Broken Hearted. It's what I'd call a 'middle' pink. Not baby pink, not fuchsia, just a sheer, somewhere in the middle. It's not majorly pigmented but being a tinted balm you wouldn't expect this. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation as I was expecting hardly any colour at all, due to it being so cheap. It has a liquorice like smell to it, which I don't dislike, much better than the signature 'cheap make up' smell. The feel on the lips is quite creamy which is nice as I sometimes find cheaper products can be drying. The only disadvantage would be the limited colour range, it's your typical pink, orange, brown and berry, saying that however Boujois' selection isn't much better, worse in fact (3 shades I believe). Also the wear, it needs reapplying, but again being a balm you expect this.

MUA Power Pout

All in all, I think these are a great cheap alternative to Bourjois' offerings, although it wouldn't surprise me if I caved and bought one anyway! (Fuchsia Libre if you're wondering)

You can buy the MUA Power Pout from Superdrug for £3.00
Do you have a favourite tinted balm? Recommendations are welcome, as I'm loving this one right now!

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