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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Collection Lasting Perfection Creamy Concealer


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Any blogger worth their salt will have tried this concealer! I think all that could be said on it, has been said but thought I would just do quick post on what I thought of it.

This concealer can be used for both under eye circles and blemishes as it is very creamy and high coverage. This would be something I would look for in a concealer as I have quite bad under eye circles a lot of the time and blemishes on my cheeks. You don't need a lot of it as a little goes a long way so it lasts well. I find that applying it with the doe foot applicator and then blending it in with my finger works best for me, application wise. I don't have a bad thing to say about it really!

The packaging is good for the price you're paying and I like the doe foot applicator. However the packaging tends to get grubby quite quickly, I've had mine for a little while now but as you can see most of the writing has come off and it looks worse for wear. However for what you are paying I think that the packaging is something that can be looked past!

I like this concealer and would recommend it but am looking forward to trying a new one when this one runs out. If anyone was wondering, the shade I have in this is Medium 3. I bought mine from Superdrug or you can order it HERE

What's your favourite concealer? How do you like to apply it?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Rimmel Natural Bronzer- Sun Bronze


Rimmel Natural Bronzer

Rimmel Natural Bronzer

I picked up this Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze when my Clinique one finally bit the dust and crumbled into tiny pieces. I didn't really look around, just picked up the first one I saw. Luckily I love it! This bronzer gives me a lovely sunkissed look without being too orangey. I apply this either all over my face with a big fluffy brush or with a contouring brush in the hollows of my cheeks to give my face some definition. I find that this product works well for both uses and I like the fact it has SPF 15 in it, as some extra protection for my face.

One negative point I do have to make about it is the packaging. I'm not sure if it's just my bronzer or all of them as a whole but the lid always seems quite loose, so I have to make sure not to throw it in my bag. Other than that, I love it.

Since then I've been looking around and seen this bronzer from Collection (sorry for the stock photo, I don't own the product-yet!). It's huge and for a mere £4.19, it's an absolute bargain! I'll be interested to see how that one fares when my current one is finished.

You could pick either of these products up in Boots/ Superdrug or order them HERE (Rimmel) and HERE (Collection)

What's your favourite bronzer? Do you like either of these ones?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Topshop Eye Crayon- Marble


Topshop Eye Crayon

Topshop Eye Crayon

This was one the items I picked for my sister prom look (post HERE)and then nabbed for myself after! Marble is a lovely champagne shimmery colour. I would use this as a base colour or as an inner eye highlight. Despite being a gorgeous colour, I find that you can't really build the colour as an all over the eye shade as the texture of the crayon becomes a bit pasty.

I'd definitely love to pick up some more colours of this. I've had my eye on Rust, a metallic bronze that's a bit more on the red orangey side than my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze (POST)

The eye crayons aren't currently on the website but you can pick them up in most Topshop stores

Do you have any shades of these crayons? Do you have another favourite cream shadows?

Monday, 22 July 2013

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Tan Lotion


Palmers Cocoa Butter

Palmers Cocoa Butter

This is a post for the books! The first official holy grail item on my blog! 

I can't rave about this product enough! It gives a lovely summer glow that looks very natural, and is dark enough even for me (I'm mixed race).  The colour can be built if applied daily or can provide a glow to your skin with a one off application. I've been liking to apply this about 3 times a week to maintain the tan I've picked from this crazy English heatwave recently.
AND as if it can't get better enough it has that goooorgeous Palmer's cocoa butter smell. I think I'm in love...

I picked mine up in Superdrug (my beloved shop!) but you can get it from Boots or order it from HERE  

Monday, 1 July 2013

30 Day Snap Failure


                        If you're a little confused to what this post is about, check this one out- LINK

I have failed at the 30 Day Snap! :( Posting everyday was just too much for me, every other day I might have been able to have handled but definitely not every day! The commitment was too much!
I do want to do other tags however, as I did thoroughly enjoy the days that I did do!

I plan to complete the 30 Day Snap with a few pictures that I think are interesting and/or pretty because better late than never!!

Did you finish the 30 Day snap? Any recommendations for a tag? 

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