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Friday, 3 January 2014

December Favourites

I'll get one of these favourites posted on the month it was for one day! As I'm at home, it made it a tad easier to see which product make the cut. Onto the products...

December Favourites

Is it a cheat when you've only had the product for 6 days of the month? I can hear you screaming yes and I'm going to ignore you! I love love love this. The colour and the finish. It's an amplified creme which my research tells me it meant to be smooth, creamy and colour packed. I 100% agree with this. You can barely brush the lipstick on your lips and you've got a lovely colour. A new meaning to buttery soft for me

The mask pictured above is more an example of the whole brand as I obviously haven't tried that one. I remember these being a treat at sleepovers when I was younger so it's nice to see a brand make a comeback a such. They have some really nice masks that seem to have done wonders for calming my breakouts this month.

I don't think I've mentioned these before which is crazy as it's my go-to spot treatment! I dab a blob of this on my spots at night and it calms them and makes them less angry in the morning. I was at first using it as an all over moisturiser but my skin didn't agree with it. It has salicylic acid in it so that may be why. Localized to an area though and it works wonders. A product I've been reaching for during post Christmas breakouts! :(

Or scrubby gloves as my family call them. I've come to really appreciate these this  month as I've been going back and forth between university and home, sometimes without them. You just can't get an exfoliation like them. They're not too abrasive, just perfect for getting rid of all that nasty dead skin, as well as boosting circulation. Bonus!

If you don't know what this is, it's pure lemon juice. You put a few drops in water and it's meant to curb cravings. I really hated this stuff. It tasted like grassy/ lemony water and not in the good way. My mum kept handing me glasses of water, which I'd take a gulp of before realising she'd put some in. Sneaky! I think it's actually starting to work though and I'm not completely hating it! I'm going to try it with hot water as a detox sort of thing and see how that goes

What have your favourites been? Mine have been a bit restricted with all the travelling this month

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  1. Girl about town is such a pretty colour :) I really like their amplified as well!

    1. It is! I don't even want to use it, it's so pretty! They're so creamy and smooth :-)


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