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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Sins

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Let's be honest here, we all do things beauty related that we know we're not supposed to. Something we know Caroline Hirons would tear her hair out at, something our skin hates us doing. I thought I'd share my beauty sins with you today, in the hope that I can shame myself out of them and that together we can come up with some tips for avoiding them!

1. Going to bed with make up on
It's less of an occurrence now but one that still happens (last Saturday being one of them!). When I've come in from a night out, I just can't be bothered to do my whole skin care routine. Hell, I can't even be bothered to crack out the baby wipes sometimes. I admire you girls that go to bed with fresh skin every night, whatever the circumstance. You go girls!
Tip: Take your make up off as soon as you get home (and aren't going out again). My problem is that I like to settle in a bit so when it comes to going to bed, I just want to drop straight into it. Doing it immediately means it's out of the way, done and dusted, and you can completely forget about it. Do this every day and not just nights out and this will give your skin some breathing time too.

2. Chipped nails
Now this one happens all the time and what is worse is I hate chipped nails! I like painting my nails (I know some find it a tedious job) but I just seem to be so slow at removing the old to apply the new. My mum scolds me for it as she says it looks awful. And I know it too! Any tips for this one ladies?

3. Picking my spots
This one has a been a bad habit for years, resulting in scarring, angry spots and scabs but nothing seems to deter me! I just can't stand the look of a white head (or blackhead for that matter) on my face. Not that a huge red mark looks any better.. makes me feel better though.
Tip: Now I'm preaching here as I can't take my own advice but replace one bad habit with a good one. Invest in a spot treatment (I like Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturiser- mini review- LINK) so that when you see a spot, you apply the treatment instead of picking.

I think I'll leave it at that today. The last one was pretty shameful but if I think of any more, there will definitely be a Part 2. What are your worst beauty sins? Do you have any tips for any of mine?

P.S Happy birthday Nana! Love you!

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  1. I do all of these! I'm the worst for not taking my makeup off and then I end up picking the spots that have appeared from not taking it off. Vicious cycle! I try to have set days that I paint my nails so they aren't chipped for so long.

    Grace x

    1. It's so hard to get out the habit isn't it! I'm exactly the same! That's a good idea! Might make me use some more of my polishes too! I definitely have my favourites (a) xx


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