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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Annoying moment

Not everyone will be able to relate to this post but its something I've recently experienced. Some may think its petty but this is how I felt at the time.

If we go back a month, I had a test for one of my modules at uni. As I'm in my first year, it was the first test I'd had to do here so I was preparing myself with hours of revision. I really wanted to do well.
When it came to it, I felt both prepared and confident, and was still confident after the test! One of the best feelings I must say!

Fast forward to now, when the result were released. I looked at my grade anxiously and when I saw it, was sooo happy. I'd done more than passed and it was a decent grade. I felt the hours had paid off.

Then I did the thing we all do but shouldn't really, I asked my friend how she did. Now as much as I love her, my friend had done minimal revision for this test and had gone in and got a better grade than me. This made me feel horrible and sad about my own grade, which was still a really good grade!

I can only recommend that we don't compare ourselves to others.  We always come off worse, I'll definitely be keeping in mind the following saying from now on. Learnt my lesson.

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