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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mother's Day: Outfits

Alex Georgie| Mother's Day: Outfits

In the spirit of Mother's Day, thought I would share with you the lady I'll be spending my day with. My Nana! Think she looks very sweet here! Being at university means that I won't see my mum until Easter so I've skipped a generation and gone to the Head Honcho of mothers!

I'm sharing some outfit ideas with you today and trying to keep this post short and sweet. I've done a more formal outfit if you are taking your mum out to dinner or the likes and an informal one for lunch and other activities. They're spring inspired with brights and pastels as the little bit of sun we're having is getting me excited. Enjoy!

 photo Mothersdayoutfits-dayevening_zps46387d64.jpg Formal
Swing Vest- Boohoo- £6
Skater Skirt- Red- Boohoo- £10
Heeled Sandals- Zara- £39.99
Necklace- ASOS- £12

The heels are a little pricey but I couldn't find any cheaper ones for the look I was going for! Alternatives welcome!

Dress- New Look-£22.99
Wedges-New Look-£27.99
Ballet pump alternative- New Look-£17.99
Gold Cuff- New Look- £4.99

I know wedges aren't the most practical but how cute would they look with this dress?!

What will you be wearing on Mother's Day? What are your plans?

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