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Friday, 21 March 2014

Superdrug, Matalan and Primark Haul!

Alex Georgie| Haul

Alex Georgie| Haul

Alex Georgie| Haul

I apologise for the varying lighting in these photos. I obviously got a bit carried away with editing (oops). Anyway, bad editing aside, my mum came up to visit  a few weeks ago and surprisingly she was a very bad influence on me!

First stop was Matalan where I picked up this gorgeous hoodie and jumper. I've actually since lost the hoodie on a night out which I'm gutted about. They're both really thick and so soft. So lovely that I'm going back to Matalan to hopefully find another one! The grey was so versatile and could be thrown over anything and I've been using the maroon jumper to add a bit of colour to more boring outfits. These were £10 and £8 respectively.

Next was Primark where I picked up a few of the essentials; hair bands and toothbrushes. I wouldn't actually recommend either of these which is so annoying! The hair band snapped on first use. I know I've got thick hair but  it's not that bad! The toothbrushes are alright but I feel like they're not as durable or soft as more expensive toothbrushes. What you get for 75p I suppose!

Last but not least we visited my beloved Superdrug. I picked up Superdrug's own BB Cream which I'm loving btw; review to come. I also got some more toner as I like to have a softer one and more chemically exfoliating one in. Finally my holy grail (see post here) tanning moisturiser which was offer so I definitely couldn't resist!

Have you picked up anything recently? Or like/dislike anything I bought?

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