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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Summer Skin

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Okay so it's not quite summer I admit that. After all the rainy, cloudy grey days though, the first bit of sun and warmth in the air got me excited. I love summer; the sun, the ice cream, the hot days, and most of all getting my tan onnnnn. I feel so much more confident with a tan, maybe even more me. Is it weird to say I don't suit my natural skin tone? I go very pale in the winter and look almost sickly so it is more than time for a tan. Seeing as I can't wait for England's sun to come out (and partially because it might never come!), I've enlisted the help of a trusty holy grail product of mine.

Let's go back a  step. Winter is gone and so have the need for industrial tights and long sleeved tops. Dust off your razors ladies and get scrubbing and a shaving. My favourite things to get rid of scaly skin are exfoliating gloves and scrubs (see this post). I use exfoliating gloves (or scrubby gloves as my family call them) all year round as, as well as keeping dry skin at bay, they improve circulation if used in a sweeping motion towards the heart. Sometimes this doesn't cut it on my feet however (TMI?) and when this happens, I go in with my pumice stone to keep them baby soft.

I can't take the upkeep of fake tan. The fading and weird marks it leaves aren't for me so gradual moisturisers are the perfect alternative. I slap Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze on when I'm out of the shower and it just gives me the perfect sunkissed look. Do be careful to wash your hands after applying this though as too many times I've realised I've got lovely orange marks between my fingers!!

How do you get your summer glow? 

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