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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mask Monday: Montagne Jeunesse Wild Strawberry

Alex Georgie| Mask Monday: Montagne Jeunesse

If you saw this haul, you would have seen I bought this mask 3 months ago!! I can't believe it's taken me this long to use it. Anyway, first thought was that it smelt delicious. The masks contains strawberry (duh!) and rhubarb, which really came through in the smell. If you don't like sweet scents though, stay away! I wanted to eat it however! (Please don't!). The mask is a gel like consistency with a red tinge. I had intended to take a picture with it on but I just look weirdly shiny; something you guys don't need to see!

The mask is aimed to get rid of dead skin and impurities and my skin did feel smooth after using it. However, to get rid of the dead skin, it is a peeling mask. I find peeling masks to be a bit messy and a tad annoying if the mask hasn't fully dried. I do love the satisfaction of peeling it off though. Only me? Okay...

Overall a nice basic mask but nothing special. Montagne Jeunesse reminds me of my childhood sleepovers and this is one I would definitely have loved back then. One thing to add though, I had a enough product for an application and a half which was great, as I hate it when you have to spread a mask thinly!

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