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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Revision and Exam Tips

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 Some of you may have noticed my disappearance (thank you if you did!) but I suspect many of you went about your daily lives without wondering why there has been an absence of posts on AG. Yes? I thought so. Exam times are upon us and as I've said in an organisation/revision post or two (see here), I'm a stresser and unfortunately that meant my blog suffered. To be perfectly honest with you, I could have made time to put up a weekly post but I didn't. I feel guilty when I blog instead of revise and my stress levels can't handle extra emotion right now (exams also make me melodramatic it seems). Hands up to you girls with the daily blogs and full time work or revision. You are amazing!

Anyway as I've already given some tips on revision and organisation (see link above), I thought I'd share some exam tips today. As always, I'm no expert but these tips have helped me through the 6 (!) years of exams I've had so far.

  1. Work out whether you are an early bird or a night owl. I'm more of a morning person so can get so much more done between 6am-12pm than 6pm-12am despite it being the same amount of time. My productivity and attention wanes as the day goes on, so capitalise on the time you know you work best.
  2. Be organised. Not just in exam time but throughout the whole year. There is nothing worse than knowing the key to an exam lies on a scrap of paper that may be in the pocket of the pair of jeans that you just washed.
  3. Tidy house, tidy mind. On the first day of revision, ensure your room, work space etc is tidy. Nothing worse than mess distracting you or coming back from a bad exam to a bomb site of a room.
  4. Right before the exam, don't cram too much. You'll overload your brain and it will just forget it all. Keep calm, don't let other people talk to you too much (too many a time have I stressed that I didn't know a case and then got a perfectly good grade without it) and just breath.
  5. Finally ensure you have enough pens, water, gum and whatever else you may need for the exam. You don't want to be wasting precious seconds when your one and only pen runs out and you have to wait for the elderly invigilator to get you an new one.
I hope these tips help some of you! I'd love to hear if  they did or whether you have some tips for me. My exams don't finish until the 28th May with my birthday squidged in before then so expect sporadic post until then. See you on the other side!

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