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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Empties #1

Alex Georgie| Empties #1 

This is a post that has been in the pipeline for a while and in all honesty I thought I'd already posted it! If you don't know what an Empties post is, it's where I show you all the products I've completely used up and what I thought of them. This may seem hoarder like and weird (I do eventually throw them away. Promise!) but I like watching and reading these videos/posts as it means that someone has completely used the product up and can give their opinion properly. Sometimes bloggers use things a few times and then give their verdict when there may be long term advantages or disadvantages about the product. You'll find that out in an empties! So here is what I used up!

I hauled this moisturiser in this post and really did like it. It was quite heavy, definitely not a light moisturiser, but I prefer this as my skin is so dry. It really felt as it was working. There has been many an anti-ageing product on this blog but I use them only as a preventative measure so I can't really comment on how it helped my non-existent fine lines etc. If you're wondering, anti-ageing product usually have a higher SPF and as I don't use a daily SPF I like this side of those products. Sun can cause hyper pigmentation which I already have enough of, thank you! The only thing I didn't like was the packaging. Being a pump and in such plastic casing meant that I couldn't cut into it and get the last bits out. It also meant one day I just ran out and didn't even know it had been running out! Not ideal.

Will be repurchasing until they discontinue. Enough said. Check out my holy grail post of it here

Sainsbury's Cotton Pads
I'm not particularly fussy about these. I'll buy any that are on offer. As long as they're not the super cheap ones that tend to scratch across the skin, I'm happy. Used up for nail varnish remover, toners and make up removal.

Montagne Jeunesse Wild Strawberry Peel Off Mask
See full review here. I liked this mask, it's not one of MJ's best. Just a basic mask really.

Shows how old this post really has been coming as I haven't had this for at least 3 months. Oops! It was a basic toner that didn't drag or sting the eyes. It was part of a blemishes range and I did feel as if it was calming and cool on the skin. It also smelt like delicious fruity water so thumbs up in my books. I wouldn't repurchase it for the pure fact that I like to try different ones but I did repurchase it twice before so it is good!

As I thought I'd already posted this, I threw away the only make-up related items! Anyway they were:

I wasn't overly enamoured with this concealer (see my full review here) until I started comparing it to other drugstore ones. Nothing compares to the coverage for the price! When it ran out, I immediately picked up another one. I believe they have a few new shades as I was able to pick up Dark 4 this time. I'm going to do a full new review on it as I've fallen in love (if not a little late) and it matches even better with my skin tone now. Result.

I've never been a fan of wipes because they tend to drag and dry out my skin. However they are handy to have in for make up spillages and mistakes and the odd lazy night. I only had a few left and in an experimental phase where I put on a full face of make up for the fun of it, I used them up. Bog standard wipes

A lot of "basics" used up this time! Hope you enjoyed this post or it was of some use to you. What have you used up recently?

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  1. i love the cocoa butter bronzer, it's so good :D

    1. I couldn't do without it! Plus it smells soooo good!xx


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