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Friday, 14 March 2014

The Base Application Dilemma

Alex Georgie The Base Dilemma

 When I first started applying make up, I assumed that fingers were the only way forward. I muddled through with foundation covered hands and my base applied fine. Then I started watching beauty videos and reading blogs, and I lusted after every brush I saw. Now I realise there is a choice, depending on preference and products so I thought I would give a round up of the base appliers...

The Foundation Brush
This is a flat, usually slightly rounded brush (far left in the picture). I like to call this 'the paint brush'. Personally I have never got on with one of these as I find my base applies too heavy for my liking. However if you would like more coverage from your base, then this would be a great one to choose as you can literally just paint the product on.
Use for: more coverage

The Buffing Brush
This is my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (second brush on the left), but really I'm talking about any dense brush. This is my favourite way to apply most foundations. These brushes mean you are able to really buff the product into the skin for a more natural, skin like finish. I find product goes further using this brush and I don't apply as much as I would with anything else.
Use for: a skin like finish

The Sponge
This is a sponge I had lying around from Halloween (far right) as I don't actually own a proper one but I'm talking of the likes of the egg sponge, beauty blender, any sort of sponge really. Usually used damp, the sponge can give a dewy, bright look and can blend, for instance, concealer really well with foundation. Despite the dewy look, they still seem to keep the coverage of the product. The neat freak in me doesn't like sponges as they don't always wash up nicely. Also be aware of the hygiene aspect of them. Being a sponge, they can be hard to wash thoroughly so may not be best for spot prone skin.
Use for: a dewy finish

Not pictured (haha) but I love reverting to my hands for a quick application. I use my fingers for BB creams and the likes as I find it speeds up application and also the heat from my fingers works the product into the skin well. Yay for free applicators (your fingers)! Again, however, be aware of hygiene and wash your hands first as to not spread germs all over your clean face.
Use for: speedy, free and well blended application

I've really enjoyed writing this post! Let me know what you apply your base with or if you can think of any more applicators.

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  1. that sounds just like what i used to be like, now I'm brush obsessed

    Jorden xx

    1. I love brushes too, if only I had more money! An eye brush set is on my wish list
      Thanks for your comment Jorden!xx


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