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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Base Dilemma #2

Alex Georgie| Eye Bases 
 On Friday I spoke about the dilemma of what to use to apply your skin base, today I thought I'd tackle the eye base. There are so many options to choose from so I've chosen a select few. You can go in without a base (I often do, ain't nobody go' time for dat) but if you're looking for a long wearing eye look, a base can really help. It also helps if you have any discolouration or veins on your eyelids that you would like to cover first.

This is a great choice as many people will already have this in their stash (go us for no extra spending!) Just dab small amount on the lid and blend over. Done! Be careful not to be too heavy handed with it. A little can go a long way- you're only look for something for the eyeshadow to stick to, not to highlight/conceal your whole eye!

Cream shadow/ Paint pot
Any of the above will do. These are lovely if you're doing a specific eye look. I love using my Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze when I'm doing a brown eye look as it adds depth to the look in seconds. If not, something like MAC's paint pot in Painterly (which is a skin like colour) can prep the eye, even out any pigmentation/veins, as well as providing a base for your look.

Eye shadow stick
Very similar to the above but in stick form. I use this when I don't want to get my fingers dirty. The product can be just striped on and blended with a brush. Quick and easy application!

The most obvious of the bunch. You can get purpose built eye primers (for example Urban Decay Primer Potion) but really any sort of primer will do. I like this 17 primer for priming my eyes as it makes the look last longer and really smooths out the skin. This one is silicon based so doesn't agree with the rest of my face but just round my eyes is perfect.

So that's all the options I've got! Let me know if you use anything different or use any of these. I'm really interested as whatever I seem to use, I do end up with a slight ring of my make up round my eyes (booo!)

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  1. I always use my concealer if I'm a rush or a shadow stick but, I really want to get a paint pot - ultimate multiuse product.

    Grace :)

    1. I love using the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as a base. Would love a paintpot though. It'd be more like an investment-that's what I tell myself anyway! xx


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