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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Stash Edit

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When Boots sent me this doozy of a leaflet, it made me just want to buy everything in it. I mean, everything. Glow Job is at the top of my hit list (a moisturiser with a tan in it) but with money being tight at the minute (read: after buying too many drinks at the bar last night), I settled for shopping my stash.

If you caught THIS Soap and Glory haul, you would have seen I bought three products; two of which really stole show. I'm still using the Face Soap and Clarity facial wash (full review here) over a year later and continue to feature Peaches and Clean  (how I use it here) anywhere I can. Despite giving No Clogs Allowed a glowing review (see here), I have to admit to using it five times or less. A travesty I know! 

I reluctantly rubbed it onto my face, thinking all the time how I wanted some of the new products. This product heats up like crazy though and that soon pulled me out of my mood. I left it on for about five minutes and then washed it off. As I washed it, I realised there were some scrubby particles in the mask so gave my face a little scrub as well. I was amazed at how smooth and soft my skin felt afterwards. My moisturiser and make up went on so smoothly afterwards, I couldn't believe it! 

This product is definitely in my skincare rotation now and although I'm still lusting after the new products, I'm happy to have unearthed an unloved one from the stash. Do you think you have any gems in your stash that needs some lovin'?

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  1. Love the name for Glow Job, so easily pleased. I need a complete revamp for my skin care routine and this mask sounds perfect for me, although I had the scrub that heats up before and it felt like intense heat for 2 seconds then went, I can't imagine that on my face.

    Grace x

    1. I love it too, was chuckling away at it! haha yeah, No Clogs Allowed is quite hot to start with and then dies down to a mild heat. Definitely try it! It smells soooo good too!xx

  2. Oh wow! This sounds fantastic! I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on No Clogs Allowed! And Glow Job does sound amazing too!
    Thank you for this, I'd probably never have heard of it otherwise.
    You have a lovely little blog too Alex, and a brand new follower!
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

    1. You will; I can't believe I left it sitting there for so long! I want to buy the entire Soap and Glory skincare line right now.
      Thank you Laura! I really appreciate that! :-) I hope so too!xx

  3. Oh my god, this sounds like the most amazing product, I'm gonna keep an eye out for it in boots the next time I go

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. You should, it really did wow me! I'll definitely check it out xx


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