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Monday, 3 February 2014

The Eye Edit- For Beginners

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 Why does a post name seem so much more swish when it has 'edit' at the end? Be prepared for a lot more 'edits' coming your way!

I'm a relative newbie to under eye care so  I thought I would show you what I picked up with beginners in mind. Being a sufferer of the puffy eye if I sleep too heavy (or get too emotional at animal documentaries), anything with anti-puffiness attracted me. The Botanics Refreshing Eye Roll-On claims to target this so this was popped into the basket. I like that this product is a roll on as the metal ball is usually cold, not unbearably so, but enough to feel calming on the eyes. It also contains hyraluronic acid to help pull moisture into the skin and I like to think that this would then help my eye cream work better. Overall I like this product and feel it is perfect for beginners in getting used to that extra step in your skincare routine (whether it be a serum or gel), however you aren't going to see amazing results with this. It has a calming effect on application and preps the skin nicely for the eye cream.

Speaking of eye cream, for a beginner I would recommend the Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream. What I like most about this eye cream is how light it is. It's not a heavy cream that is going to clog my skin or sit on top of it. It does have an odd scent, a bit like a nasal spray but this isn't something that you can smell once applied. Again helping in getting used to the extra step and nothing too heavy for younger skin.

I've been using the eye cream for almost a year now and the roll on was added in a couple of months ago. I've really enjoyed using them together but although both have claims to reducing/ brightening dark circles I wouldn't say they've made a difference. In my opinion, nothing can (apart from a good nights sleep) so I wasn't expecting too much on that front.

I'm in the market for a anti-wrinkle eye cream now (it's all about prevention ladies) as with my hooded lids who knows what they'll look like with wrinkles! So if anyone has any recommendations that would be great. Also let me know if you would like another Eye Edit when I pick up the new (heavier duty) eye products!

What eye products do you like?

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