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Monday, 20 January 2014

First MAC lipstick- Girl About Town

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*Why does Blogger  hate to centre everything for me?!*

Please excuse this unnecessary amount of photos. I was so excited about my first MAC lipstick, I took millions of photos and now don't have the heart not to publish them all! Let's get straight to the point, I love MAC Girl About Town! My sister bought me it for Christmas and it is what I would call your standard fuchsia pink. She did a great job choosing as I would have picked this colour myself!

It's an amplified creme lipstick, which is one of MAC's various finishes. Amplified finishes are meant to be packed with colour and creamy and I would definitely agree with that. You can barely brush this lipstick against your lips without getting some form of colour! It's a dream to wear as the creaminess is really comfortable. It's weird to describe a lipstick as comfortable but some have that not-so-great feeling (anyone know what I'm talking about?) and this doesn't have that. It glides on effortlessly and feels quite moisturising actually.

I can't comment too much on wear time as I've only just brought myself to swatch it, let alone wear it outside! I have worn it around the house once or twice however and the wear time is average; two to three hours. I think for how creamy this lipstick is, I'm quite impressed as I have others of a similar finish and majority of the colour comes off as soon as your lips touch anything.

All in all, a great buy Liv! Thanks!

What was your first MAC lipstick? Do you have any favourites?

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  1. Good call for your first MAC lipstick, the colour is stunning on you! I normally just stick with the MAC nude shades.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Thank you! I love a good pink. Saying that I think I need some more nude shades, sometimes a fuchsia can look a a bit too done.. xx

  2. That colour is gorgeous, my first Mac lipstick was Peach Blossom :) x

    1. It really is! Just looked up Peach Blossom, looks lovely! I need more nude shades xx


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