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Monday, 13 January 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Review

Montage Jeunesse review
Montage Jeunesse review Montage Jeunesse review Montage Jeunesse review
My sister and I decided to have a pamper morning on Christmas Day so we used these Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks in Mint Choc Chip and Blackcurrant Burst Peel Off. You may have seen them in this haul LINK. I've got mint choc chip on and my sister, Olivia, has Blackcurrant Peel Off.

My Verdict
This mask makes for the perfect pamper night. It smells delicious! Just like mint choc chip ice cream. I was almost tempted to lick a bit off but I've made that mistake with beauty products before! More than once... It is one of those masks that dries hard, as you can see in the picture above, which I was worried would be hard to take off. It wasn't though, I just wiped my face with a flannel and although some parts were more stubborn, I wasn't having to tug at my face. This mask claimed to hydrate, cleanse and get rid of impurities. My face felt quite fresh afterwards but I wouldn't say it was particularly hydrated. I have quite dry skin so it would be quite a tall order to complete.
Overall, this mask is great to get that clean feeling on your face, but nothing revolutionary. I can't hold that against the product though as for 90p, it's a nice treat.

Olivia's verdict
I love the smell of berries so for me this was the perfect face mask. However this particular mask was very thin, so when it came to applying it, I found it very messy. I also didn't have enough time to apply another layer as the face mask had already begun to set. I wasn't too keen of the feel of it on my skin either. I could feel it setting, which wasn't pleasant. It was extremely difficult to remove as only parts were peeling off properly and the rest came off in lumps of goo. Despite having to wash it off with face wash in the end as it wasn't peeling, I found that my skin was extremely smooth after. This mask was supposed to pull impurities out of your skin and I wasn't too sure whether it fully achieved that. Overall I wasn't a huge fan of the product however as I'm new to this whole beauty thing Alex does, I'd gladly give it another shot!

And there's Olivia's debut to Alex Georgie! Hopefully she'll be my guinea pig for more products soon! I can't find these anywhere online but I bought them from Primark for 90p each. I think they may be exclusive to there. Weird that I can't even find them on Montage Jeunesse's official website though.. If you want to check out more masks from them you can here- LINK

Hope you all have a great week! What face masks do you like?

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  1. I love this brand of face masks! They've got such a diverse mix of masks. I'm not a big fan of peel offs but the mint chic chip one sounds good!

    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

    1. They really do, I didn't realise until I browsed their website! Noo I don't feel like they're really doing much but the creamier ones are really fresh feeling :-) xx


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