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Friday, 22 November 2013

Seventeen: The Complete Collection swatches

Seventeen Complete Collection

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I have been putting this post off for the longest time possible. If you haven't already guessed, it's swatches from the Seventeen Complete Collection that I blogged about a few weeks ago HERE. It's just such a bumper pack of make up, I was like waaah. Anyway I've finally plucked up the courage so here are the swatches!

Seventeen Complete Collection

 I just want to cover the 'technical' things you get in this pack before I get onto what you all really want to see! You get eye lash curlers (which I'm yet to use because the thought of putting my eye lashes in there scares the beejezus out of me!) You also get a pencil sharpener, which is a pretty bog standard. It sharpens!

 photo photo3_zpsd64f7d32.jpg

 As well as the technical bits, you get a photo ready primer, a mascara and a gel eye liner. I've only tried the primer on my hand so can't comment on the longevity but it really added a lovely smoothness to the skin so I can't wait to try that out properly! The mascara has a wand like the end of a spooley but is pretty standard. I had an idea what the duds would be, as is inevitable with this sort of pack, and the eye liner was one of them. I was pleasantly surprised when it was jet black and went on lovely with the angled brush provided.

seventeen brushes

 The brushes (and eye shadows) are what initially drew me to this set as you could pay £17 for 2 brushes alone, let alone 5 with a ton of make up too.These are some of the softest brushes I've felt and although they haven't been washed yet, I am yet to encounter any shedding. My favourite brush is the fluffy eye brush (third down) which has been perfect for blending and buffing out eye shadow.

seventeen eyeshadow swatches

Finally, the eye shadows! I desperately wanted to provide names for these eyeshadows but there simply aren't any. They are shadows from the Metallic Toffee Trio, the Vengeance Trio and Peepshow Eye Palette. The solo shadows are Funfair, Style Queen, Spirit, Regal and Mardi Gras but I don't want to just guess which are which so here you are! They could have at least put them in order of which palette they are in but alas! All the shadows are velvety soft and give a good pay off. I expected some duds but to be honest, there really aren't any! The silvers/greys are on the less pigmented side but, as with all the shadows, can be built up. I think they'll be nice to add a bit of shimmer to a party look.

seventeen swatches

The eye pencils were another expected dud of mine but these were also lovely! I expected them to be hard and the black to be grey looking but they were as soft as butter. The coffee pencil is an almost gold and I can't wait to use it to warm up my brown eyes in the water line. The black was jet black but I can't, again, comment on longevity. My waterline is notorious for not keeping a colour there anyway! Damn you watery eyes!

seventeen eyeshadow swatches

seventeen eyeshadow swatches

My favourite shadow is the one on the far left. It's a lovely bronzey shimmer. I am a neutral girl at heart!

 photo photo4_zps73ed6c98.jpg

Finally the five lip colours! We have (left to right) Peachy, Pink Ice, Fuzzy Yellow Petal, Nude and Very Berry. The lip colours are nice but I can't see them getting much use.

This collection of make up was an absolute bargain at £17, even at full price, it's decent for what you are getting. It's such a shame the eye shadows aren't removable though because they'd be onto a winner there! 

What are your favourite shades? I might do a Face of The Day using this make up. Is that something you'd like to see?

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