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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Favourite YouTubers- Beauty edition

I can't say this was any easy post to write. Every time I picked someone, I thought 'ooh what about so and so?' I eventually narrowed it down, but have decided to do a few of these e.g. favourite American YouTuber, favourite [under X amount of subscribers] YouTubers, etc. I'm subscribed to almost 100 YouTubers so it's super hard to choose!

Here are my top 5 YouTubers in no particular order!

Favourite Beauty YouTubers

You probably know all these YouTubers already but I'll just give you a run down of why I love them!

Queen of the budget, Khila talks all things budget in the beauty world. Although I love a good drugstore make up product (I buy exclusively from there), I watch Khila's videos for her manner and infectious determination. Khila puts up one or more blog posts a day, 3 videos a week on her budget channel, she just set up another channel for her higher end purchases plus her vlog channel AND as if that wasn't enough she works and is a mother to two young children. She's a real inspiration and I'd love to be as proactive as her. Definitely check her channel out! (Sorry, this turned into a bit of a speech; just got a lot of admiration for this woman!)

Essie is a Canadian living in London. I love her laugh, just makes me smile! Her beauty videos range from hauls to in depth brand focus videos. They're well researched and a pleasure to watch!
As much as I love her beauty videos, I absolutely love her vlogs. She just got a rescue greyhound and you can see she just adores him!

Kacey is an American beauty guru, who's just moved to LA. I love her voice, if that's not a weird thing to say! Another thing I love is the length of her videos. Beauty gurus love to chat, I'll say that! But Kacey's videos rarely hit the 10 minute mark which is quite refreshing!

I always feel so calm after watching Anna's videos. Her voice is really soothing (like cashmere!) and she's a girl after my own heart with her neutrals. She puts out really polished videos and when her and Lily Pebbles get together, I imagine it's beauty mayhem!

I could hardly do a favourite YouTubers without mentioning Zoella! A well known beauty YouTuber; if you haven't seen her, where have you been?! I love Zoe's take on beauty, nothing too serious and since her channel really blew up when she hit 1 million subscribers, there's been a lot of collabs and toher fun videos I enjoy to watch!

There are so many other YouTubers I want to add to this; so honourable mentions go to Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force, Tanya Burr, MissGlamorazzi, OnnaB and Lily Melrose!

Make sure to check out everyone I've mentioned. I've spent ages putting this post together but almost don't want to publish it because I love everyone I subscribe to and it ridiculously hard to have favourites. If you want to see all my subscriptions, you can have a look HERE

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