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Friday, 11 October 2013

University and the likes| Lifestyle post

Been a while since there's been a lifestyle post on this 'ere blog! This ones going to be a chatty one. You've been warned!

I thought I'd talk about uni, moving away and the likes. I've just gone into my second year of university so I moved out a whole year ago, which is ridiculous. It's gone soooo quick. I thought I'd find moving out really hard but it was nowhere near as hard as I thought; I'd go as far as to say easy. I arrived at uni and some lovely people helped me move my things into halls. Within five minutes, all my earthly possessions were crammed into a tiny room and I had no idea even where to start unpacking. 10 minutes later, my flat mates knocked on my door, I gave my mum a rushed goodbye and headed down to the pub (typical student!). With all the new experiences, people and massive work load, I simply never had time to be homesick.

I love university. The independence, the people, the area (nicer than where I am originally from), however it was this year that I found a lot harder to cope with. I moved out of halls and into a house closer to town with four other house mates. When I returned, what I thought was an amazing house, suddenly looked like somewhere I didn't want to be. I saw it through my mum's eyes; the overgrown garden, the cold conservatory being used as a living room, the weird bathroom where the shower pod is in the middle of the room and the appliances that look like they may be at least twice my age. I'd overpacked so was finding it hard to fit everything into my room, despite it being double the size of my room in halls. Clothes were strewn everywhere, and my mum had to leave me in the chaos. She didn't want to leave me, I wanted to come back home with her and despite not shedding a tear when she left me the first time, we both found ourselves crying this time.

It's all sorted now though! Don't want this post to be all doom and gloom. Bills are sorted, I have found places to store my copious amounts of clothes (thank you under bed storage, you life saver!) and we've made this house our own. Just a few 'pinterest-y' additions to decorate the living room and we'll be there. Also the thought of learning again after 4 months off, scared me but it was like riding a bike. Just all comes back to you.

Have you moved out or gone to university? How did you find it? Were you a big baby like me?

P.S. If you read this post (here), you'll be glad to know I got a food processor (a fancy blender) and have so far made smoothies, crumble and peanut butter bars (oh my god, please try these!) in it. It has pride of place in the new kitchen. Are you proud or what? ;)

P.P.S Would you like to hear more about my time at university? Let me know!

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