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Monday, 7 October 2013

Miss Sporty Hollywood Forever Sweet Dance lipgloss

Miss Sporty Sweet Dance

In my search to expand my lip product collection, I came across Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker in Punchbowl. To say I fell head over heels for that colour would be an understatement. I swatched up half of Boots (and Superdrug!) looking for an affordable dupe! As good as the product is, as a student, I can't justify £9 on a lip gloss. Whilst not finding anything that replicated that gorgeous candy floss pink, I did find this Miss Sporty lip gloss in Sweet Dance. A light pink wouldn't be something I'd usually go for (fuchsia pinks and purpley pinks being my safe area) as they can make me look weird but I really liked this one.

Miss Sporty Sweet Dance

The application is good, a couple of swipes and you've got a good colour pay off. However it doesn't last for long. After a couple of hours, I was having to reapply but I feel that this is to be expected with anything that isn't a lipstick. It wears well, in that it doesn't hang to the dry areas on your lips and it doesn't have that sticky lip gloss feel on the lips (as long as you don't rub them together too much). The one down side to this lip gloss is that you can't reapply more than twice before you have to start over with clean lips. It doesn't handle layering too well. Not the best choice for people with little time for reapplication.

You can order it HERE or pick it up in your local Superdrug/Boots

Have you got any Miss Sporty lip glosses? Any recommendations of lip products? I'm dying to try some new ones!

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