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Monday, 22 April 2013

Bourjois Lipstick Review

Hey guys!

Here is the comparative lipstick review I promised of the Bourjois lipsticks! I thought I'd make this post a little different and have 4 sections. The sections are formulation, colour, packaging and price.

The formulation of both lipsticks is really nice. They're both highly pigmented and aren't drying. I do find with the Rouge Edition Fuschia Graffiti 07 though, that if you don't have a balm on underneath it, it tends to settle into the creases of the lips, unlike Sweet Kiss.

Top: Sweet Kiss Bottom: Fuchsia Graffiti
I love the colour of both these lipsticks! Sweet Kiss is more on the purpley pink side, with a "my lips but better" feel. Fuschia Graffiti is a bright pop of pink with blue undertones which give it a shimmery look without actual shimmer.

Top: Sweet Kiss Bottom: Fuchsia Graffiti

I really dislike the packaging of Sweet Kiss. It has a slide up button which pops the lid off. This looks cheap and it also means that the lid sometimes comes off in your handbag. Not ideal! On the other hand, I love the packaging of Fuschia Graffiti, I think it looks really sleek and elegant in a simple way.

I'm unable to tell you the price of Sweet Kiss as it was a gift, however I purchased Fuschia Graffiti in my local Superdrug for £7.99. I think for a lipstick, this is quite affordable, but it is at the higher end of drugstore lipstick

Let me know what you thought of these lipsticks or any others and how you liked the layout of this post


Thanks for commenting! I love hearing your opinion so I'll try to get back you as soon as possible. Make sure to check back for a reply! Alex xx

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