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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Revision and stress- had enough?


Revision and stress getting you down? I know it's getting me down and I've hardly done any yet!
It's coming up to that time of year where summer feels like it's close enough that you can touch it but you've got to get through exams first

I am a right stresser when it comes to exams and assignments. Before a majority of exams I will have broken down in tears at least once, had my mum say 'you can do it, you always do' and then had sleepless nights over it. I wish that someone had screamed at me to relax before all of them, so I'll be the person to tell you to relax. Relax people, you can do it!

I'm here to share some of my revision tips, perfected over the years. Let's try and avoid looking like the below polar bear!


  1. Use the first day of your revision to plan what you'll do, get all the books and notes you'll need together and all the materials like post its, coloured pens and the likes. It will get your brain in gear for revision and it will make you feel good too.
  2. Seeing as you've got everything planned out, try to stick to it. Don't be too strict with yourself but make sure you can look back at the end of the day and see what you've achieved.
  3. TAKE BREAKS! Your brain needs a rest and cramming it with every piece of information you can get hold of, will just overload it
  4. Get parents, friends and siblings to help and test you on things
  5. Don't revise in one way, your brain becomes accustomed to this way and stops working. Mix it up every now and then with mind maps, notes, pictures
I feel this post has helped me too! I'm ready to get down to something. What's your favourite way to revise?

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