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Thursday, 17 January 2013

New blogger!

Hey everyone!

I thought my first blog post should be a little bit about myself so here it goes...

My name is Alexandra, Alex for short. I'm 18 and am currently a law student at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

I decided to start a blog when I started getting into watching YouTube videos. I saw that many of them had blogs and I really enjoyed reading them. It seems like a fun and different hobby; to have somewhere completely yours to talk about things that interest you with other like minded people

I don't have a specific theme that I'll blog about; just anything worth talking about. However, recently I have had an interest in make up and beauty related things so maybe a bit of that? Who knows? Haha

I'd love to speak to anyone just starting a blog too, I feel like I'm in in alien territory! Or people who have had one for aaages and have some tips. Anyone really :D

Thank you for stumbling over my little piece of the blogging internet and I hope to see you again!


  1. Just had a quick read through your blog and I'm liking it so far :) xxx


Thanks for commenting! I love hearing your opinion so I'll try to get back you as soon as possible. Make sure to check back for a reply! Alex xx

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