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Monday, 2 June 2014

Life Update and What to Expect on AG!

Life Update and What to Expect on AG!

Exams are over and my second year of university is officially finished. As well as being relieved, I'm sad. My time at university is just running away from me. I feel like my third year will just be over in a flash. Reminder to make the most of time!

I'm currently doing a week of full time work at the place I volunteer which (although I've only done one day of so far) I am really enjoying it. It involves a lot of administration work with a legal side to it which is what I currently intend to do after university. A lot of people go down the solicitor/ barrister route after a law degree but I just don't feel like it's is for me. Not now anyway, I'll keep my options open; hopefully with some more work experience later in the summer.

As well some more work experience, I really want to grow my blog this summer and, as you can see the from the plan above, will be squeezing it in at every available moment. The dream is to blog daily but I know myself better than this and it is just that, a dream. I want to enjoy my summer without draining the fun out of  blogging with stress so I will resume posting three times a week. Organisation is our friend people!

My best friend at university is moving abroad for a year (booooo!) so this will be last summer with her (until she gets back!) so we intend to fit lots of fun things into the next two weeks so you can expect lots of lifestyle posts on what we get up to. No doubt, cake in millions of coffee shops 'cause who doesn't love cake?

I've also been shopping so some hauls and reviews are coming your way (I'm so excited, I may have had a cheeky play with the products before picturing! Shock horror). Is there anything else you'd like to see on my blog?

Hope you are all well and (if you have exams or work) stress hasn't been getting you too down. How are you going to spend your summer? What have you been up to recently?

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  1. My time in uni passed by so quick! Cherish the moment of being a student <3 xx

    1. I'll try my best! I feel like I'm leaving already and I've got another year! Thanks for commenting Gail!xx


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