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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Foodie #1 The Mad Moose Norwich

Foodie #1 The Mad Moose Norwich

Foodie #1 The Mad Moose Norwich 

 This is a bit of a different post for me and my little blog and I'm drooling as I'm writing it. I love food but usually it's half gone before the thought to take a picture even crosses my mind. Doesn't look as appetising at that point, for sure!

I visited the Mad Moose in Norwich a few weeks back for a friend's birthday and I was shocked at how lovely it was!! Why had I never been there before?! It has that local pub, friendly vibe whilst still being very modern and tasteful. The service was amazing. I love good customer service, I think it can completely change a visit somewhere. When the lady serving us saw I put my coat on (I was getting a little chilly), she went round and closed all the windows and doors around me whilst saying that I should have just said if I was cold. Something like that just puts me completely at ease and makes me feel at home. As well as that, she made conversation whilst taking our orders and was just overall really pleasant, making my visit even better.

The food came quickly and was absolutely delicious. The menu isn't overly extensive but has enough of choice. It's not your usual pub grub as you can see from the pictures above, they've taken it to more of a proper restaurant level. My main, ham, egg and chips, was the cheapest on the menu but there was no sign of scrimping because of this. Very decent portions, even for me, and I can eat for England!

The dessert was the star of the show in my opinion. I have a sweet tooth all the way and look at that brownie. It was spongey and chocolately and gooey and all of the adjectives *drool* I can't even explain to you. If this shows how much I liked it, I went back for lunch but ended up just having a brownie. Crazy I know!

Overall a great visit and I will definitely be going again and recommending it to everyone!

I know this post won't be relevant for everyone if you aren't in Norwich but if you are visiting or even want to look at some damn delicious food, here you go!

Have you been anywhere delicious recently? I'm such a foodie!

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