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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed review


Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed review

I've got a review for you today! If you read this post- LINK- you will have seen I recently picked up a few Soap and Glory bits, including the S&G No Clogs Allows Super Self Heating Deep Cleansing Face Mask (woah, that's a bit of a mouthful!)

First thing I can say is this product gets HOT. I couldn't believe how self heating this was! Before I'd even started rubbing it in, my face was really heating up. I thought this was really good as many products marketed as self heating hardly give off any heat at all. To be completely honest, the thing I was really looking forward to was my face turning blue (me, childish? nope). Unfortunately I was disappointed, I was a pale blue at a push. I understand the change in colour was more of a gimmick to fit with the '[doing something] until you're blue in the face' so I shan't mark this product down on that.

I decided to leave the mask on (you can wash it straight off for a 'refresh' or leave it on for 5 minutes). It was really easy to rinse off as it hadn't hardened, just dried. Another plus as I absolutely hate it when you have to take hours to scrub off a mask. My skin felt SO smooth and fresh afterwards. What drew me to this product was the 'no clogs allowed' aspect as I have a few lumps and bumps on my face which are a tad stubborn. I feel that used regularly this product could improve those as I noticed an improvement after just one use.

Next time I use this mask, I'd only apply it to the areas that have the blackheads as I did find it dried out parts of my T-Zone. Nothing a good moisturiser couldn't sort out however! In short, I love this product and it will definitely be added to my skin care routine once or twice a week.

Have you tried this product or want to? What masks do you like?

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