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Thursday, 11 June 2015

UPDATE: Why a perm ruined my hair

 photo IMG_4111_zps1eqlhldq.jpg

*The above photo was around a week after the second perm. That hair ball was what broke off after combing my hair. It's poor quality but I left my shoe in the picture for reference. I'm a size 8*

You may remember that in this post I raved about having my hair permed. It was the perfect solution to what I wanted. It allowed me have my hair curly without it shrinking up to a large afro.

To set the scene, I had that perm done around August. I went back to uni rocking my hair, absolutely loving it and the freedom to style it. When I returned to the hairdresser's at Christmas, she took one look at my hair and said 'you need another perm'. Now what sold me to this perm in the first place was that she told me that if I looked after it, it could last up to a year. Now four months later I need another, whaaat?

When it comes to my hair, I'm very 'trust the professionals'. I don't know what it needs and unless they're trying to sell me something ridiculously expensive, generally I feel they know best. So against my better judgement, I let her put another perm on. This was the worst decision I ever made. Lesson number one: if you don't think something is right, question it. You probably know this but I was very naive and trusting.

This particular hairdresser ALWAYS overbooks herself. For a one hour treatment, I'll be in the salon a minimum of four hours. Now to cut a long story short, she isn't entirely sure what happened but either the perm solution wasn't washed off at all or it wasn't washed off properly. Within hours of the perm being completed, my hair was falling out in strands. I'd gone back to uni within a few days so couldn't go back to that particular hairdresser so I went to one in my university town. He immediately rinsed my hair in case the perm hadn't been washed off. If it hadn't, this meant my hair had been processing for 5 days.

My hair now is quite thin. I've lost a lot of the volume in it. The crown of my head and all around the hair line is two inches long, making it increasingly hard to style as there are a lot of stray hairs. My hair literally snapped off. My hair hair is around 12 inches long so you can imagine it was quite distressing to see 10 inch hair falling out in clumps.
I came to terms with it (after hours and hours of hysterical crying). As my mum pointed out, there are many more horrible reasons why my hair could be falling out. However that doesn't stop it being upsetting that my graduation is in a month and I have to deal with this. Also although the rate of hair breaking has slowed down, it is still breaking; leaving me with the worry that I might end up with extremely short hair.

The hairdresser who did it was very apologetic and has been throwing free products and treatments at me left, right and centre. I don't feel comfortable going back to her for the treatments however as I don't trust her anymore. I'm not going to mention the name of her salon as that's not necessary but what I will say is to constantly question your hairdresser and understand what they are doing to your hair.

Alex x 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New Start

 photo aaaClean slate_zpslhg9kzya.jpg

For those who still follow me, I thank you!

My blog has taken real back stage whilst I completed my degree this year. I took my last exam yesterday and it was like a weight off my shoulders. I loved my degree (I read law for those who don't know) but the last month of exams really took its toll. I was stressed, upset, continuously piled pressure on myself and just couldn't wait for it to be over. Saying that, I would do it all over again in a heart beat. 

I'll be doing a post of my experience of university in the next few weeks (spoiler: I loved it) but this post is going to be about where I want to take my blog next.

Over the last year, my interests have changed slightly. I still love beauty but food has been a big part of my life too. You'll be seeing a lot more fitness and food up on here! I have lots of great ideas and want to overhaul my blog design as well. A lot in the mix! I'm not going to delete any of my older posts (unless I look back and they're absolutely mortifying!) but this will be a clean slate and a fresh start for this lil blog!

Thank you to those who bared with me and here's to the future!

Alex x

Friday, 13 March 2015


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Are you following me on Instagram? I've really upped my photography game recently so would appreciate your support!

If you comment your page link below, I will definitely check it out! If you are a fellow blogger, no doubt I'll follow you back as I love finding new accounts and different styles of photography! I hope to use the comment section for everyone to come and find new accounts so please comment!

You can follow me at:

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One in a Million Mum

 photo mum_zpsghi4b3gn.jpg

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I have posted. Too long but third year law has really caught up on me!

I thought I would take quick minute to pop up this post however as I was contacted about a great competition. If you take a minute to tell Parkdean why your mum is one in a million, you have the chance to win a three of four day stay for your mum at one of their parks. Immediately one of the best presents she'll get! You can enter here!

Want to know why I think my mum is one in a million? (I'm going to tell you anyway!)
  1. Her undying support for anything I put my mind to. My mum has supported me through everything and that is something that I will never be able to thank her enough for.
  2. Being my rock. I'm someone who needs to talk my feelings out, almost to sort them out in my mind, as well as getting others opinion. My mum has been at the end of the phone for my crying, whinging, and illogical hysteria for the past three years (whilst I've been at university) and that can't have been a barrel of laughs at the best of times!
  3. For enduring my craziness! This may just be me but I have times when I just get into crazy, annoying-other-people moods. My mum not only laughs along with me but doesn't get wound up either. No easy task!
  4. For always being at the end of the phone for cooking advice. 'Mum will I die if..?'
  5. Finally, for bringing up me and my sister alone on a shoestring and still doing a bang up job (if I do say so myself!) I only I hope I can repay my mum for this by looking after her as she gets older.
These are just a few of the reasons why my mum is one in a million. I could go on for absolutely forever, I owe everything to this woman. Again if you would like to enter the competition you can do so here!

*For full disclosure, I was contacted by a representative of ParkDean holidays, however I am not being paid for this post. I thought it may be of interest to my followers and feedback on whether it was (or not) will be fully appreciated! To see my full disclosure policy, click here

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Lazy Girls Guide To: Apple and Peach Crumble

 photo dfh_zpscc22dee1.jpg

 photo peach_zps48854e16.jpg

 photo peach1_zpsa68044a3.jpg

 photo peach3_zpsa7be2cd7.jpg

*(Please excuse the weird tinge on the two middle photos, no amount of (nightmare) editing seemed to be able to get rid of that)*

Majority of the DIYs, recipes etc that I do are of the lazy girl guide style. Because I am the ultimate lazy girl. Now in my defence, I do make things from scratch when the mood strikes but at the moment, it hasn't been... and that's why I'm sharing my tips and tricks with you! You could use this to impress the in laws or your friends and family because technically it is home made dessert.

1. Add tinned fruit to dish. This could be any fruit you like. I picked peach and apple and it was delicious! It went all gooey and the taste of the two fruits..mmmm

2. Add shop bought crumble. You can make your own. I have many a time and it is lovely, just not always fool proof. I made crumble topping that wouldn't crumble once. Probably only me that could manage that one!

3. Put in the oven on about 200 degrees for 30-40 or when the crumble is golden and bubbling. Serve as  your own and bask in the compliments of your cooking skills!

Hope you've enjoyed this little non-recipe, I know it's a bit obvious but I always feel like little life hacks like this are things I don't think of!

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Friday, 11 July 2014

HOW TO: Frozen Lemon Slices

 photo frozenlemonslices_zps2cd68393.jpg

Now I may be telling you how to suck lemons (see what I did there?) but sometimes even the obvious needs pointing out. My mum has been telling me for ages that water with a hint of lemon curbs cravings (I've got the biggest sweet tooth) but when I buy a lemon, it always goes to waste. A week later and I'll find a shrivelled lemon half, all forgotten in the fridge after I made the first (and last) drink. I've been seeing a lot of 'healthy waters' round the internet and you could do this with any fruit so here it is, the how to!

 photo frozen_zps4f1727a4.jpg

 1. Cut the ends off of your lemon. You have to cut quite a way in as I made the mistake of cutting too little and ending up with more rind than flesh.

 photo slicey_zpsf4694dc1.jpg

2. Slice your lemons. I mixed it up between full slices and half slices, depending on what I'll need and what glasses I'll be drinking out of.

 photo slice_zpsced0d6d8.jpg

3. Put on a plate or something flat and put the them in the freezer. You need to do this instead of putting the slices straight into a plastic bag so they don't all stick together. They'd be a nightmare to separate!

4. After a few hours you can put them into plastic bags and you'll have individual lemon slices ready to pop into your water, tea or anything else!

I hope this helped someone and it's not just me being slow on the bandwagon! It means I no longer have to worry about my fruit going off in the fridge!

Have you got any kitchen tips for me?

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Guest Posting: 3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

 photo Toastzoomin1_zpse6c3dadf.jpg

I've recently written a guest post on the lovely India's blog, on 3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas. I'd love if you'd go check it out. I've tried to make it so that there was a breakfast to suit everyone. I've got a mango smoothie recipe, a porridge recipe and a peanut butter and banana toast idea.
You can find the post here, enjoy!

 photo Signature2_zps034d2f77.jpg

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