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Monday, 9 June 2014

The Every Day Eye Look

 photo rimmel3_zps8a763f0d.jpg

Rimmel Quad- Smokey Brun

Rimmel Quad- Smokey Brun

Rimmel Smokey Brun Brown Swatches
From the top, round to the right
 I've been trying to use my eye shadows more recently. I'm always drawn to them in stores; the different finishes and colours, soooo pretty. However I only ever really crack them out on special occasions. Enter the Rimmel Quad in Smokey Brun.

I picked this little gem up a while ago and thought it had the perfect colours in it for an everyday look. A starter kit for an eye shadow beginner like myself. No picking out colours that compliment each other as the work is done for you!

Encased in sleek but basic black packaging, this quad contains four shimmer eye shadows including a dark brown, a bronze, a cream and a light creamy brown (I wanted to describe this as the colour of almond milk but I don't know if anyone would know what I was on about! Anyone understand?). Plus the pigmentation, which can sometimes be the downfall of lighter coloured drug store eye shadows, is excellent for the price (£6.99).

How I've been using these colours is the bronze all over the lid and then the darker brown for some definition in the crease and outer corner. The other two colours could be used as an inner eye highlight (or as a base) but I feel like that looks weird on me. I believe thats because the lighter shades don't suit my skin tone as much. Check me talking about inner eye highlight though?! I'm trying to run before I can walk in the eye shadow department!!

Does anyone else struggle with eye shadow like myself? What are your favourites brands/shades?

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  1. I love neutrals, I don't think I will ever have enough shades/ finishes of brown, haha. This quad is gorgeous- I like the last swatch, with the pink undertones.
    Thanks for tweeting me your link

    1. Same! I'm always trying to justify them all! haha the last swatch is very Naked 3-esque. That's alright! Thanks for commenting!xx

  2. This palette looks so pretty, I love the metallic shades!
    Em x

    1. It really is! I was so impressed with the quality. Will be checking out more Rimmel eye shadows. Thanks for commenting Em!xx


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