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Friday, 6 June 2014

Superdrug Haul!

 photo superdrughaul_zps76a88d87.jpg

I said I had a few hauls coming up in my recent post (currently two but there may be more...) and this is the first set of things I bought. I'm trying to split them up a bit as variety is the spice of life, or so they say.

Superdrug is my go to place. I could honestly spend hours in there. I secretly want them to hire me but my saying loudly about how much they should hire is obviously not being received *cough cough Superdrug Norwich*. Anyway as well as helping an old lady with her make up puchases, I managed to pick up:

I was actually looking for the pastel green nail polish but it wasn't in stock at the time (I found it later however) but this caught my eye. It's a neon aqua which I think would set off a tan amazingly

This was a repurchase but I wasn't initially enamoured with it. It was only when I started comparing it to other drugstore offerings that I realised this high coverage beauty was pretty good. It still creases like a bitch and I know in my heart of hearts there must be something better (but probably more expensive- sigh) out there but for now, I really really like you, CLPC.

The concealer junkie that I am had to pick this up. The sponge applicator just intrigued me. I've been really liking it so far, either for prepping my eyes (cancelling out the purple tones) before going in with the above concealer or just alone when my bags aren't that bad for a more natural look.

I used a powder from my stash recently for a bit of shine control and really liked it. It added a bit more coverage but was a bit light for my current (slightly tanned) face. Not wanting to pick up the same powder (I do like to experiment!), I got this one. It's not adding as much coverage as I expected but maybe it just needs more building. I'll report back soon!

Have you been shopping recently or have/want anything that I've bought? In my defence, it's the end of exams so that obviously means I should have to buy the whole of Superdrug...

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  1. Greenberry is one of my favourite shades from the hi-shine range. I also own the Maybelline concealer but yet to use it, I won it a long time ago x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. Same, it went to the top 5 pretty quickly! It's just so bright, I love it! The concealer is a lighter coverage than I expected but I really like the sponge applicator although I've heard you lose a lot of product through it. Thanks for commenting Kate!xx

  2. Everyone is talking about this jelly nail polish! I think it's time I got one...I love the shade of yours!
    Dimples Diaries | UK Ethical Fashion Blog

    1. Definitely pick one (or three) up! For £2.99, they're worth it and the shade range is amazing! Thank you for commenting Hannah!xx

  3. I love the jelly nailpolish and also the collection concealer, it's like the best concealer ever! haha love your blog by the way, stay awesome Alex xx

    The Wishing Dust

    1. It is! I underestimated it! Thank you Intan, I'll try ;) xx


Thanks for commenting! I love hearing your opinion so I'll try to get back you as soon as possible. Make sure to check back for a reply! Alex xx

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