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Thursday, 19 June 2014

(Partial) Birthday Haul!

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This is the second haul I referred to in this post. These are actually some things that my friends picked up for my birthday (albeit not a full birthday haul). So what have we got...

In all honesty, I should have done some more research on this foundation. I'd heard so much about it that I knew I wanted it but I was absolutely astounded by the shade range. There were so many and with the cool and the warm tones; I wasn't prepared let's say that! A few of the samples weren't there so I went with what I thought. It's on the darker end of the spectrum but as my face is always a lot lighter than my body, I'm hoping for the best. I'm trying it tonight with the stippling brush so I'll let you know if we have a match!

My aim is to slowly grow a Real Techniques army of brushes! I really do love them. However if you have any recommendations of a cheaper brush set I'd love to hear them as I need a few more eye brushes desperately. I chose this brush as I thought it looked interesting and I liked the sound of high definition results! However when I got it home, I realised that I had no idea what to use it for. Foundation, powders, cream products?? All three as it turns out! I tweeted Sam and Nic (the founders of the brushes) and Nic (@NixiePixi) responded saying that it was good for foundations, bronzer and powders, especially light coverage foundations like Mac face and body. Aisling (@covetedmess) from (check out her blog, it's so professional looking and lustworthy!) also suggested to use it with cream products. Is there anything that this brush doesn't do?! Thanks for the tips ladies!

I've wanted this for a while but it's such a generic looking shimmery taupe, I've been putting it off. I finally caved on this trip and I haven't been disappointed. I've only swatched it so far but I really like the look of it. There was a little panic that I'd bought the same shade twice (there is a very similar shade in the Rimmel Smokey Brun Quad- see it here) however they're not identical thank goodness! To the naked eye they could be, but Smokey Quartz is slightly more brown.

I really like the ice cream, pastel nail thing going on and conversely, the neon trend. I picked up this pastel one and also its neon counterpart (in the other haul). I've been going in between them and nothing else. It's Sugar Apple's turn tonight!

Have you been shopping recently? Any recommendations for me?

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  1. Love my Real Techniques brushes, would be lost without them. Really want to get Sugar Apple - but its always sold out in my local boots :( Fab post xx

    1. Same! The buffing brush is like my saviour! I did have to do a bit of rummaging for it. It's worth it though, I've been staring at my pretty nails all day! haha thank you!xx

  2. Real Techniques brushes are so lovely! That nail polish color is droolworthy. Great birthday haul!

    1. They are! Fluffy and well wearing! I'm still drooling two weeks later! Haha thank you Wendy!xxx


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