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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Perfect hair combo!

                                     Hair Combo


This is a hair combo that I've been rocking for a while and I think it's definitely strengthening my hair. To give you some hair history, I had my hair relaxed about a year ago. Relaxing, if you don't know, is when you permanently straighten your hair, like the opposite of a perm. I did it so that my hair would be easier to handle and style. Before that my hair was very thick with tight curls. Relaxing, like most things you do to your hair, damages it. My hair started getting too short for my liking and relaxing is a very expensive process, so when I left for university, I decided to grow it out. So I was left with quite damaged hair and as it started to grow out, tighter curls at the top and looser curls at the end. As if that wasn't bad enough, I'm also trying to grow at a full fringe I got cut in when my hair was straight. Not the easiest thing to work with!

The first product I put in is the Argan Oil after I've washed my hair. This is a sample I got out a Cosmopolitan magazine but i will definitely repurchase something similar when its done! This product actually comes out in cream form and I run that through the ends of my hair, not going above my ears.
The product on the left is a Tresemme leave- in conditioner from their Platinum Strength range. I saw this floating around the blogosphere and decided to give it a go. I put it in my hair after the Argan oil in an attempt to put some moisture back into My hair. This product claims to repair 2 years of damage, and although I wouldn't say it's done that, I do feel like its doing something.

I feel like these products have really helped my hair. It feels less brittle and softer. I do feel that my hair would benefit from another product for when I don't wash it so recommendations are most welcome! What are your favourite hair products?

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