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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November goal end and December goals

november goals

I'm so happy with the goals I have achieved this month. I've hit all of them bar one and far exceeded some, (I'm looking at you Twitter!) which I'm so chuffed about! Thank you to everyone who helped me get there and obviously you lovely readers! I'd like to say a super special thank you to Milarie from It'sAUniqueThing as she really helped me hit my goals. A wizz on Twitter with the retweeting, she featured me on her blog and added me to her blogroll, so thanks again Milarie!

I'm thinking of making this a little series about things I would like to achieve each month. I'm hoping this will spur me on to promote my blog more and achieve other goals.

So here are my December goals:

1. Enjoy Christmas! This may seem like a bit of a weird goal but it's not, I assure you. With my course at university, all my assignments are set over Christmas. Overall, I will have to write three essays, amounting to around 8000 words. Last year I left them  until the last minute and spent a lot of my Christmas stressing and panicking so I want them all planned and ready to start before the holidays begin.

2. My second goal ties into my first and that's get organised. Now don't get me wrong, I am pretty organised. Messy folders drive me crazy, I know where every piece of work, bill and letter is and the amount of notebooks I own is ridiculous but I'd like to take it a step further. Second year of university is really stepping up its game and I've got a blog schedule now  and I don't want to let either slide so that's my second goal

3. My third goal is to expand my make up collection. I tend to find something I like and use it and use and use it and then repurchase it. I think this is great on one hand, because I know a product suits me and works for me but it means I don't try any new products!

4. My final goal is to make some blogging friends and get even more involved in the community! I want to go to meet ups, meet some more bloggers, and just chat! So if you're reading this comment below or tweet me at @alexgeorgie_ and let's be friends! (Am I  super lame for this?)

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve?

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  1. What an inspiration Great post - have followed your blog - check out mine at - I am going to think about some goals and get organised. Thanks

    1. Thank you! Some goals really spur you on to try and achieve them! I've followed your blog too!xx


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