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Monday, 10 June 2013

Spot Treatment


Spot Treatment

I've had spots since I was about 12 and unfortunately, I can't say that I left them alone! I picked at all of them and have been left with an uneven skin tone and scarring. Even now, I haven't learnt my lesson. I wouldn't recommend picking spots as it both spreads them (no one can just pick one!) and if you continuously pick them, they will scar.

My mum recently bought some Aloe Vera Gel for cuts and scrapes and suggested me putting them on my spots. I've found that, whilst using this,spots calm down and if they have scabbed, heal so much quicker with this gel. I apply it at night to the spots and gently pat it onto the skin. You really only need the tiniest bit as it spreads easily. I feel that it would be better applied twice a day, however I once put it on in the morning and then powdered and the powder clung to the gel so just be wary of this.

My mum bought this at work so I can't tell you exactly how she got hold if it, however with a little research I've seen that you can pick some up in Boots (not the same brand). I believe that anything with Aloe Vera in it will give you some sort of benefit as its know as a healing plant.
It's marketed as a non irritant but please ensure you're not allergic to anything in the product.

Have you got any spot treatments that you like to use?

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  1. Been googling it since I've developed a pimple the size of a tomato, right on the side of the nose - the result of antibiotics for a tummy upset :( My go-to is Oxy10, though. It always flattens the pimple overnight. But the pigmentation takes ages to go away, so I have to cover it up with concealer.
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