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Friday, 29 November 2013

November Favourites!

I would start all my favourites like this if you guys wouldn't get bored: how is it the end of November already?! I seriously feel like I've just started university again and now I'm on holiday in two weeks. It's crazy. Necessary 'time going too fast' moan over. Here's what I've been loving this month.




I've been really toning down the amount of make up I've been wearing recently. Partly because I'm back at university and I need as much time in bed as possible and partly because I really like how it looks.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush- link- This brush needs no hype, it's just perfect. Nothing buffs foundation or concealer into my skin like it. I'm sure it's featured in another one of my favourites (oops, it's been in more favourites than not!) so I won't harp on about it. Basically it's brilliant, buy it!

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in 011 Sable Brown- link- This is a trick I nicked from ViviannaDoesMakeup. Little bit of this eyeliner smudged over the lids makes you go from 'just woken up' to 'I spent at least 10 minutes on my eyes' in about five seconds. I've been reaching for this loads this month because I have had little time for eye shadows in the morning.

Soap and Glory Super Cat  Liqiud Black Eye Liner Pen- link- I've only just realised that a cat flick makes my droopy eyes look more awake. I can't believe it has taken me this long to figure it out! When I've had time and/or patience, I've been giving that a go. I can't say I'm a professional , in fact an 'Eye Liner for Noobs' book would be quite an apt present for Christmas but I've been loving the look (when I can get them even that is and don't wipe it all off in an angry huff!)

17 Hide Away Concealer Cream in Medium- (Can't seem to find it anywhere-weirdly enough)- This has been my concealer of choice for a couple of months now. It hides blemishes really well without accentuating them like some and I find it works really well even when my skin gets a little drier in the colder weather.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion- link- This has definitely been in another favourites. I named it my first Holy Grail item of this here blog here and I'm still loving it six months on. I find that when the winter months roll around, my skin gets noticeably pale and I look ill, like 'had the plague and just about came through the other side' ill. This gives me a bit of a glow without looking like I've piled on the tan. Perfect!

Home Baking candle- This is a bit of a cheat as I can't tell you the brand. I picked this up in Roseby's, a home furnishing store. I've had a little Wikipedia search and they apparently have 300 stores nationwide so if you have one near you, I would definitely recommend you popping in for some amazing candle discounts. I got this giant one (like Yankee Large giant) for £6! It's in this lovely glass jar that looks anything but cheap and the smell is divine! It's a warm vanilla scent, not too synthetic which can be the way with vanilla. My housemate even commented that she could smell it downstairs! That's how much it fills a room. 

Sorry to go on so much about a product you might not be able to find! What have you been loving this month?

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