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Friday, 8 March 2013

Gelly Hi- Shine Nail Paint By Barry M


If there's is a beauty blogger that hasn't got a blog post about these nail paints, I'd be surprised! These paints have been spoken about for quite a while now so I thought I'd give my take on them.

I actually got the two of these Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paints, for Christmas. I've turned into a bit of a nail fanatic and these got me super excited. These paints are designed to provide an extra glossy finish, mimicking the look of gel nails.
Left: Pomegranate Right: Satsuma
I've got to admit I tried these polishes soon after I got them and hadn't given them a second look until I saw a few more blog posts on them. When I tried them the first time, I found them too gloopy to handle, they stained my nails, were hard to take off. I was not impressed to say the least.

However seeing all these posts who were screaming their praises, I thought Id give them a chance to redeem themselves and by gosh, they have. This time I used a base coat to stop the staining, I could actually handle the gloopiness and the intended gel finish worked! I'm not sure if you can tell in the above picture, but I was really happy with the outcome.

As the name says, they're hi shine so no need for a top coat (I would advise no scrimping on the base coat though) which I love, easier the better! Apply one coat for an opaque hi shine colour, two for the gel coat finish. They retail at £3.99 which I think is so affordable for what you're getting and the colour range is good as well, after recently releasing some pastel colours.

I'm just sorry for the couple of months I spent not using these polishes!

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