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Friday, 18 October 2013

The Autumn Nail post


Painting my nails for this post was a real surprise. I had in my mind what polish I would like the best and then I fell in love with all the others!


First up on the pinky we have an L&B polish
This is a gorgeous dark teal colour with a silver shimmer running through it. I've had this polish for a while and can you believe it's never graced my nails before. Sacrilege for such a lovely polish. Applied beautifully, opaque in two coats, I can't fault it (apart from the fact I can't find where to buy it, grr!)


On the ring finger we have, another L&B polish
This is a dark metallic grey again with silver shimmer running through it. Another one to never have made it onto my nails, I'm disappointed I don't know a good polish when I see it. Opaque in two coats and looks lovely on shorter nails


On the middle finger we have Collection 2000's 12 Blue My Mind
A polish that has been on my nails before finally! I can't believe I haven't worn it in so long though. This is a beautiful dark navy and for the price it's excellent. Opaque in one coat, and despite my habit to add two, I just never had to with this one. Will definitely be looking to buy more of these!


On the index finger we have Avon's Golden Wine
This polish screams Christmas to me. A burgundy with golden shimmer? I'm getting my stocking out! I was a bit worried about this polish, it's quite a watery formula but after two coats, it looked great and I like that the shimmer isn't too in your face, just shows up in certain lights. Like a selective disco ball...


And finally the thumb, NYC's Fine Red Wine
This is the polish I thought would be THE Autumn colour. I bought this in the summer when the colour was less than seasonal so this is the first time I've worn it. A lot more red than it appears in the bottle; I thought it was more of an Oxblood red but definitely more of a true red (or man eater red as I like to call it!!). Bit too festive for the Autumn nail for my liking but will be getting its use throughout December. It's one fault is the brush. It has a tendency to flood the nail bed so be careful of that

I loves how my nails looked with all the colours on! Back to the childhood days of never committing to one colour!

(P.S. L&B polishes: I've been a bit naughty here and can't seem to track down where to buy them. Sorry!)

Woah! Bit of a long and photo heavy post today but hope you liked it. What's your favourite Autumn polish?

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