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Friday, 13 June 2014

The Repurchase| Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

The Repurchase| Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

The Repurchase| Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

Aaaah Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Blogger cult product, like Marmite, people either love you or hate you.

If you saw my first encounter of CLPC- read it here now- you will know that I wasn't particularly impressed. When mine ran out, I honestly didn't intend on repurchasing it. I was browsing Superdrug swatching away, when I realised there really aren't many drugstore concealers that offer as much coverage as CLPC. A lot looked quite pigmented until you started to blend them in, where they blended away to nothing! The 17 Hide Away concealer- which I reviewed here- is a perfect example! It disappeared to tint of colour with no coverage at all. And these products are meant to be hiding our spots?!

As you can see, I did cave and repurchase the loved blogger product. To be perfectly honest, I still don't love it. I think it's really good for the price coverage wise. The shade selection has been extended meaning I can now get a better match for my skin tone. This is great as that is a downfall of a lot of drugstore items (I've gone from medium 3 to dark 4). The packaging has got even cheaper however. Whereas with my last one, with extended use, the writing rubbed off, even the warmth of my fingers can cause the ink to transfer to them. Not ideal when you then use the same finger to blend the concealer in!

To wrap it up, I really really like CLPC but I know you can get better if you're willing to spend more. It's perfect if you don't though and for the price I can accept its flaws!

What do you think of this product? I'd love to know your opinion!

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