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Friday, 28 February 2014

The Scrub of Your Life

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Oh my goodness, the scrubby limey goodness that is in this tub will blow you away. I'm actually struggling to write this post as there are no words for this heavenly scrub.

I'll get down to the deets. The Sugar Crush Scrub is fresh smelling lime, with mixed size scrubby sugar particles. Despite the oil you can see in the above picture, this scrub doesn't leave an oily residue. Instead it feels quite moisturising to the skin as if it's stripping (not in a bad way! just ridding you of the dead skin) and replenishing at the same time. What drew me to the scrub (as with all Soap and Glory products) was the scent. I feel as if this scrub wakes me up in the morning as it's so fresh. It is a strong scent, so bear in mind if you have sensitive skin or don't like an overpowering fragrance. The mixed size particles mean that it isn't overly abrasive but still gets the job done. It's the right balance of scrubby with mildness.

Overall it's my favourite scrub! I've been sniffing The Breakfast Scrub also from Soap and Glory and love the scent of that. I'm a bit hesitant as it's extremely sweet though (think maple on sugar on honey sweet). I do love me a sweet scent though so that might be one I pick up next! Do you have any scrub recommendations or love this one?

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